Wednesday, February 27, 2013


01.  I think I am suffering from a birthday hangover.  Too much sugar and indulgence in all things decadent and fatty had me waking up this morning with a serious nauseous feeling and upset stomach.  It's a good thing that the month of March is my no sugar month.

The screen shot of my Instagram feed from yesterday.  I had a wonderful day and felt completely spoiled and loved.

Phone calls, texts, emails and birthday wishes via Facebook came pouring in all day.  Gifts, shopping, Mexican food, the cutest mini birthday, I have amazing people in my life!  Let's not forget the gift the birthday gods sent...this beaut of a mullet to add to my collection!

The birthday hangover was well worth it.

02.  I can feel my Spring fever coming on.  I get this feeling of overwhelm when I walk in any room.  I want to clear it all out of its daily life debris.  I want to paint walls, baseboards, deep clean and organize. March will be a good month to do this.

I am excited about this...pretty sure my kids will have mixed feelings.

03.  The sound my phone makes to notify me when I have recieved a text is a cute little whistle.  Every.single.time. Jonas hears the whistle he screams "Diiiiissssneyyyylaaaaand!!", and then asks for the next ten minutes if we are going to Disneyland today.   Every single time.  I finally figured out that the whistle sounds just like the whistles you hear while in line for a ride at Disneyland...I just can't put my finger on which one. 

Here's to hoping he gets used to the sound fast, because I don't want to change it.

04.  I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence.  I did before this whole hullabaloo about her came about (she was amazing in Winter's Bone), but it has become an even bigger crush since.  The girl keeps it real.

05.  Our 2 little turtles (Kashi and Sushi) have come out of hibernation, which means it's time to take Chuck Norris the Tortoise out of his box in the garage and have Bret take him down to work to get some food into him (he was attacked by the previous owners dog and has difficulty opening his mouth so we need to tube feed him on occasion - especially after hibernating) give him a good soak and let him run free in the back again.  

He is my favorite pet.  I have missed him.

06.  The Harlem Shake...why?!?


Heather said...

One of my coworkers has the same whistle for a text notification and I think Disneyland every time too! It's the sound you hear when they scan your ticket for re-entry at the front entrance gate of Disneyland as you're going through the turnstiles.

Jessica said...

I just spent an hour cleaning out my pantry. It is spring cleaning time for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hey there greetings from Thailand. Happy birthday Erica. I just celebrated mine in Bangkok. The pictures of the kids are super cute. Blogger won't let me sign in. This is Sarah from the uk. Have a fantastic birthday week:-)