Friday, February 01, 2013


01. It has been a love/hate sort of thing working with Ella on her science fair project.

She basically has done the whole project by herself. It's a simple project that follows the Scientific method, one she understands and one that she can do start to finish with little help from me, even though you can bet I have been very tempted to just take over and tell her what to write/do.

She asked if I could help put all her elements for her project board together and help make it look cute.  We sat down and made a plan together. I am glad she still asks me for help for two reasons.  One, it shows she still needs me, and two, she basically gave me permission to take over a bit...right?

If anything, this project has made Ella and Mailee think twice about wanting a cheeseburger from McDonald's (or any fast food place really).

When did I get old enough to have a child doing a science fair project?!

02. Today is my dad's birthday.  Everyone who knows him loves him.   He's definitely someone you want in your corner.  Found an old You Tube video someone posted of him during a training session.  Show's his personality well I think, though, I am not sure why he did his little wiggle dance and then said "American Idol" (which is a singing competition)?  It's a short video but my kids make me play it over and over again so they can laugh at his "wiggle dance".

Can your dad wiggle dance?

03.  It is February 1st.  This not only means that it is my dad's birthday, but that is it birthday month for me!  I keep telling myself that 30's are the new 20's but to think that I will be 32 this year I just can't grasp yet.

Will I always feel like I'm 22 (some days even 19)?

04. I started watching "Felicity" while editing photos.  J.J. Abrams is quite the talented guy.

While watching the show I have verified that I am still team Noel all the way...also, Felicity has the thinnest lips that not even her super curly hair can distract me from staring at.

05. I think I can officially say that Jonas is daytime potty trained.  The first week was the biggest challenge but after that it's been great.  He is by far the easiest out of my three kids to potty train.

When out in public he does a great job informing me...and anyone within shouting distance...that he needs go.  He also loves to yell after coming out of the public restroom what exactly he did and asks for a high five to anyone nearby.

06. The weather has been beautiful lately.  When it's this nice and warm I like to go outside and read while the kids play.  I need more book recommendations from you please!

07. My fingers always smell like Clementines.  I eat at least 5 or 6 of them a day, as do my kids.  They are sweet, tangy balls of juicy goodness. (did anyone catch the "New Girl" reference in that last sentence?  If so we are meant to be friends).

08. Call me crazy but I think we need another dog.  What??!  WHAT?!!  Our poor Ruby needs a friend to play with.  I told Bret to keep an eye out for a Yorkie or a Brussels-Griffin.  I told him I want a dog that looks like an Ewok.  I am confident if it looks like an Ewok I will love it and will be okay with having another dog because I have always had a soft spot for Ewok's since an early, nerd age.

Talk me out of this?


Amy said...

Love all of these updates, but the one that stood out most for me was the potty training! Awesome! I always tell people I think the hardest part of parenting small children is the potty stuff. So great to have another one doing great! Way to go!

Sol said...

I have just read the Snow Child. I liked it I read it really quickly. You may have already read it.

Get the dog! tra la la Get the dog Tra la la. (that was me chanting by the way, for encouragement)

I saw one of those Brussel Griffens at Chiswich house in London last year. he was black and had a beard and mustache. he was so cute. I also like border terriers. We cant have any pets as we are at work all day. I would love one though. For sure

Bri {collected} said...

I rewatched Felicity a few months ago. I don't know who I'm more in love with...her or Ben. It's a toss up.

Delcie said...

It's crazy you just referred to wanting an Ewok dog because I'm not (or wasn't) a huge fan of small breeds of dogs or indoor ones BUT we just babysat the perfectest dog and we kept referring to him as "little Ewok". He honestly was an amazing dog and we all had a blast with him at our house. He even bathed with my kids and loved it! I mean seriously, the wet hair and dog germs didn't even freak me out, well a little but I managed. Anyway, he is a Shih Tzu and even though I normally don't like those types of dogs he was SUPER cute and the best dog I've ever been around and he looked like an Ewok... sorry for the ramblings =)