Wednesday, February 06, 2013

{A record}

In January of 2012 I bought both Bret and I this 5 year journal (yes...5 years!).  There are 5 lines for each day.  It's not intended for a lengthy journal entry, with in depth accounts of how each day went, rather a place to jot down key points for that day.

I have always been known as the "record keeper" in my family growing up.  I have volumes of journals, starting before I could even write (my parents would write for me) up until now.  On top of writing in a regular journal once a week, this blog has also been a place of record keeping for our family.

I really enjoy keeping a record of what this life I have lived has been about.  Being able to look back at posts/pictures on this blog, or reading an entry that I wrote the night before I got married is priceless to me.

This particular "One Line A Day" journal has become a dear habit.  Every night before we turn the lights out Bret and I sit in silence for a couple of minutes and write down a few things that described our day.  Sometimes we share what we wrote, often times having written completely different things that stood out for us that day.

The journal ends at the end of each year and starts a new year on the first page again (5 years of the same day on one page). Now that we are into our second year it has been great to be able to see what we were doing on this day last year. 

It's perpetuated short conversations as we slip into sleep about how far we've come in one year, how our children have changed, and how fast time is going.

If you're not too keen on keeping a journal I highly recommend this sort of journal.  It's really important to keep a record for those that would be interested in knowing your life and the parts they played in it.

 I know I have really enjoyed reading my own mothers journals, identifying with her during her young children years, and I know my children will appreciate reading about my thoughts and struggles but also about the information they find about themselves.

*Journal can be found {HERE}


Jessica said...

I have been trying to get back into journaling. I used to write almost every day.

Anonymous said...

Erica! Send me your email and I'll get you some Girlie Glue stuff! Your blog is great! Hope to hear from you soon!