Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Valentine Garland craft}

The kids really enjoy having decorations around the house for each holiday.  Slowly the decorations for each holiday are being added to every year, my favorite decorations being the ones we have made.

This year the girls wanted hearts to be hanging down from the ceiling.   We headed to Dollar General and found the supplies we needed.

2-4 packages of glitter foam hearts
3-7 packages of Valentine themed mini cupcake liners

You will also need
Fishing line
sewing needles
 For the foam hearts simply thread them on to the fishing line using a running stitch (straight stitch), alternating the colors/shapes of the hearts in a pattern (or not).
For the cupcake wrappers I like to first separate the liners and place them in a pile.  Then, grabbing 2-3 at a time I sew them onto the string alternating which way the liner goes on to the string.

If you have them all face the same way they will just stack back together on the string, which is fine if that's how you want it to look, just know it will take A LOT of liner's and I don't think it looks as good.
You can put them across like a banner, hang them from the tops of your windows or from the ceiling over your table.

We also plan on making pom pom garlands and paper doily garlands this weekend as well.  All of these are inexpensive and entertaining ways to decorate for any holiday or celebration.

*Ella informed me that even though she poked herself at least 12 times with the needle she enjoyed herself and hoped that her blood would just blend in with the Valentine colors...


Carrie said...

Cute idea! My Emma would love this, I need to try to be more crafty with her. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Sol said...

I love this! I am already thinking what I can cook that is special.