Wednesday, January 16, 2013


01. Found an unopened box of Hostess chocolate cupcakes in the garage behind the juice and graham cracker boxes.  I should check Ebay and see how much I can sell these "cupcakes" for.  It's crazy to me to see how much people are willing to pay for chocolate flavored preservatives.

02. Though we are severely late in doing so, we have jumped onto the humongous bandwagon and started watching Downton Abbey.  I am happy to report I love it as much as the rest of the masses.

03.  I am so over clapping and cheering over poop and pee. I just keep telling myself that soon I won't be buying diapers...ever again! Jonas has it down for the most part, but still needs encouragement when it comes to not being afraid to poop.  Any suggestions?

04. Last night I made a lemon cream sauce with chopped bacon and artichoke hearts, served over some pasta.  It was a simple dish inspired by the need to use up what was left in our fridge before making the grocery list/meal plan for the next two weeks.

Bret's facial expressions, noises and declarations of love meant he enjoyed the meal.  All it took was bacon and cream.  He's a simple man.

05. I recently read a news article about "Blue Monday".  Apparently Jan 14, or Jan 21st is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. I wonder how many people will read this article and then feel depressed because the article said they should.

Our minds are powerful things.  Maybe the news should write a bogus article about Jan. 21st being the happiest day of the Winter months and see what happens.

06. Steel cut oats, a dollup (or 2) of my cinnamon honey butter stirred in and toast has been my breakfast of choice the past 2 weeks.  Keeps me full until mid afternoon. 

Do you cook your oats in water or milk?

07. Last night I kicked Bret "below the belt" pretty hard. In my defense he stood right behind me and scared me when I turned around.  It's a reflex I have.  I grew up with 4 brothers who conditioned this reflex by scaring/surprising me for years (still to this day).

Now he knows to either wear a cup or  make his scaring attempts from a distance.

08. Ella's been working on her science fair project.  It's been fun helping her with this.  The experiment itself isn't complicated, but that's the way it should be when you're in 3rd grade.  The understanding of the Scientific Process and the actual grasp/understanding of the experiment you're doing is more important to me than how intricate and scientifically deep the project is.

I can bet there will be some kids who were allowed to color a few pictures, but for the most part the parents did their project for them, who, when they are asked to explain their project will have no clue what it's about.

How is that helping your child?

*stepping off my soap box

09. Jonas is showing a lot more interest in dressing up.  Seeing as how we only have about 3 costumes that aren't princess or fairy I think it's time to add some more gender neutral/boy items to the mix.  Where can I find some good quality boy dress ups?

I know Bret will appreciate being greeted at the door by a Spiderman clad Jonas instead of him wearing fairy wings and a pink tutu (at least he had a batman mask on right?).

10. I mentioned that an IKEA trip in the near future would be nice to Bret this morning.   It's the same reaction every time.  First, he gets excited to get some Swedish meatballs and  Daim chocolates, but then he remembers what else usually happens when we go.

I go for a few things and end up coming home with...well...more than a few things.

Tell me I'm not the only one this happens to!?


Jessica said...

I have watched season 1 of Downton Abbey twice on Netflix and loved it both times! I love oats :) My mom finds costumes constantly at garage sales. Ikea is a happy place!

Meg said...

I cook mine over night in a tiny crockpot (the little one, for appetizers). I turn it on "keep warm at 11 or whenever I go to bed (I'm a night owl) and it is ready in the morning. 1 c oats to 4 c water...or for my family I do 3/4 c oats and 3 c water. I add a splash of cold milk to the warm oats to cool it down and make it creamy. Yum.

We just went through this with dress ups, too. I found a bunch of clearanced out halloween costumes (firefighter, doctor, police officer and accessories) at walmart and target last month. IKEA has a cute little neon construction worker vest for a couple bucks in the kids area near the bibs and art supplies.

Sol said...

If you like Downton could I suggest a few other costume dramas?

I am home sick at the moment and I have been watching reruns of The house of Elliott, I think I saw it on you tube, and maybe iplayer.

And 2 new to our screen, 1 called the paradise about a department store that opens in the north of England and I think as this did well they are now doing no.2 that is called Mr Selfridges. Or could it be Selfridges. which is the story of the London store.

ikea scares me. I can never tell in what direction I am travelling in and this seems to send me into a spin. What always gets me is the huge wire baskets near the pretend rooms. And somehow I feel I need the stuff in them to make my house "oh so scandi chic". When in reality I live in a 1930's suburban plot! LOL Good luck and may the force be with you.

Sol said...

oh and the very old "upstairs, downstairs". I remember that as a child

Jerry & Becky said...

Hi Erica! I thought of you this week when I was getting some things at the emergency preparedness store and among all of the survival and self reliance books I saw a book on "How to Survive a Zombie Depocalipse." It made me laugh to see it in such a store, but reminded me of the comment you made about your little girl playing at recess. As far as potty training I use to tell my little boy I wanted to hear him "toot" on the toilet everytime he went (which he thought was funny) but eventually that turned into pooping. Not sure if that will help you or not. Take care!

Sol said...

lol how many times can I comment on one post. But forgot to say I love the picture at the top. you look like you are all having fun