Thursday, January 10, 2013

{A Visit to Utah}

 In the early hours of the morning (2:30 A.M.) we began our road trip to Utah.

The hopes for having the kids go back to sleep once in the car were soon replaced with reality when I looked back to see all of them waving at me. 

To say they were excited to get to my parents house was an understatement.  To say that Bret and I were tired was also an understatement.
 Stopping for Breakfast early in the morning.  The kids thought they looked pretty awesome in their travel clothes. 

Nothing like a little nasty fast food breakfast after being in the car since the wee hours of the morning to make you feel bloated and greasy. 
 The kids enjoyed watching the red rock and desert change to large mountains covered with snow.  I just hoped that the Winter gear I had ordered and had sent to my parents house for the kids would arrive as soon as possible.
 As soon as we arrived at my parents house the kids headed straight for the animals.  A new litter of guinea pigs had just been born and the kids couldn't wait to get their hands on them.  There were also rabbits, ducks and chickens.
 Everyone had fun outside in the snow before the freezing temperatures and sickness kicked in. 

It was Jonas' first time in the snow.  He really enjoyed throwing snowballs at people, sucking on icicles and sledding.  

My parents backyard is the perfect sledding hill.  Many jumps were caught and tailbones bruised growing up going down those hills.

  It was almost comical to see how much snow gear was piled in the front of the fire to dry.  Coats, hats, boots, gloves, snow much stuff!
 The day before New Year's Eve Jonas got pretty sick.  A really high fever that caused him to be delirious and talk out loud to himself, as well as a nasty head cold and croupy cough. 

His fever and flu/cold symptoms lasted about 3 days, which meant plans had to be changed.  It also meant other family members (Aunts, Uncles, and cousins) got sick as well.  Sorry about that everyone!
 New Year's Eve was uneventful due to Jonas feeling sick.  We watched a movie, surfed channels on TV, lounged around and I got addicted to a game called Triple Town on my Kindle Fire. 
 The girls stayed up to ring in the new year with us.  Bret and I welcomed the new year with the traditional kiss.

New Year's day was spent with family doing what we normally do when we get together - eating, playing games and laughing. 
 The next day Jonas was feeling a little better so we took the new Front Runner train up to City Creek and do a little shopping.  Bret gave me my Christmas wish of no presents, just a shopping spree.
 This train loving boy enjoyed the ride.  I would totally utilize Front Runner and Trax if I lived in Utah.  It's pretty fantastic.
 Lots of shopping happened.
The girls spent their own money on some jewelry.  Some serious convincing and reminding them to keep things they see they want in mind and not impulse buy happened in they went into. 
 Mailee was on a mission to find something that said "Made in China".  She just thought something that said that meant it was so cool.  Little did she know her mission wouldn't be hard to accomplish. 

Ella was all about getting more earrings.  She just couldn't understand why I kept saying no to the giant hoops or gaudy huge earrings she kept picking out. 

Jonas fell asleep with the Kindle Fire on his face.  I didn't even realize he had until someone in the store pointed it out to me.  He was a trooper that day.
I didn't take many pictures of the yummy food my mom always makes.  She is an amazing cook!

 The meal the kids loved the most and will remember was the night she did Ta Pen Lou (Chinese melting pot). 
Meat (chicken, beef, and shrimp) and lots of veggies are placed in wire baskets/ladle's and dropped into boiling broth.  Once cooked the meat and veggies are pour into a bowl of rice and an assortment of sauces can be used for flavor. 

We can't wait to do this at our house and have friends over now that we have our own pot!
 Of course while in Provo we had to try some of the places our friends/family told us about.  Cubby's was Bret's favorite place we went. 

Believe the hype.  It was delicious.
 The last four days of our stay there happened to be some of the coldest I've experienced in Utah since I was little.  Negative numbers and single digits as the high for the day made going out something less than appealing, especially for me.  It seems as though my blood has really thinned since moving to Southern California. 

It's a good thing we got our sledding and snow play in before those frigid temperatures hit! 

Aside from venturing out one evening to see Les Miserables with my parents (which we LOVED), we stayed mostly indoors after that and just enjoyed the last few days of our Christmas vacation relaxing inside.
We extended our trip a few days so we could surprise our best friend for his 35th birthday.  For the last 7 years we have always left just a few days shy of his birthday.  It's sort of become a joke.

It was an awesome surprise.  He really thought we had left for home a few days before.  We even sent him a text and a gift card via email with a message apologizing for leaving again.

His face when he saw us waiting for him at the restaurant was worth it!  It was a fun night of food and laughing until tears rolled down my cheek (Comedy Sportz always makes me laugh).

Looking forward to celebrating with him again in 7 more years (wink, wink).
We always have so much fun when we visit my parents.  The kids learn so many fun and interesting things from my parents.  They got to spend time with a lot of extended family (on both sides) and really enjoyed the time there.

By the time the day came for us to leave, we were all ready to go home and get back to a regular schedule.  The girls were really looking forward to going back to school and I was ready for them to go back as well.
 The drive home went fast.  We got to stop in St. George to have lunch with Bret's sister's family and Bret got to take a nap, which is always needed since he doesn't let me drive (he thinks I drive fast...what??! me??!).

I really enjoy road trips (call me crazy).  The kids are all great in the car and we always have funny conversations.  There were many times during our drive home that both Bret and I were laughing pretty hard.  At least we think we're pretty funny.

Now that we have been home a few days the Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away,  dance, piano lessons, homework and science fair projects have all been done and I started potty training Jonas.  

If I get everything unpacked from our trip before February begins I will be happy.  Unpacking is my least favorite part of taking trips.

*If you noticed, in the car picture of Bret and I on the way to Utah he's still got his beard, but in the picture on the way home he doesn't. 

You know what that means...the traditional shaving post will be coming up next.  As always, while taking pictures for that post, all of us were laughing.  Stay tuned...

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