Sunday, December 23, 2012

{Virtual Wishes}

I would've loved to send out a Christmas card to everyone on my list but the list I had kept growing and growing and was quickly over 175 names...and counting.  Bret thought that was a bit much, so I compromised and cut the list down to 80.  Let me tell you that was no small feat.

So, for those who wanted a card, here's some virtual holiday wishes sent your way, as well as a few moments in 2012 from each of us - which, by the way, wasn't included in the Christmas cards that were mailed.

Bret  - 
Building the firepit
Various animal body fluids being squirted in and around my face (sarcasm)
Vacation trips/visits with family

Erica -
Playing tour guide for Bret on our trip to Hawaii
Multiple beach trips - the beach is in my blood
Being published in a few magazines, billboards and online site (photos and articles).
I can't think of anything else really.  Just happy, simple memories with my family and friends.

Ella -
Turning 8 and getting baptized
Getting her ears pierced
Reading the first 6 Harry Potter books
Piano lessons
First hula performance

Mailee -
Going to first grade/all day school
Disneyland trips
Getting my iPod Touch
First Hula performance
Losing lots of teeth

Jonas -
No more crib (*tear)
Being tall enough for his first roller coaster experience at Disneyland (Go Go Gadget Coaster)
Swimming - the boy is a fish
Eating at least 5-10 potato bugs over the Summer
Learning how to open the fridge and pantry
Merry Christmas


Debbi said...

HA! My Sunday Photo this week is almost the exact same post. I wish I could send a card to everyone too! You look amazing in your picture! Love it! Merry Christmas!!

J and C said...

loved your card! thank you. you have the best recipes too...cinnamon butter is yum! thanks! merry christmas!