Sunday, December 09, 2012

{Sunday Photograph 81 - sort of}

 This evening I have a migraine.  I forgot to take a Sunday photo today until just before bath time and by then I had no desire to move my head, let alone take a picture.

I did however, manage to take photos of the kids last night at our church Christmas party with the little camera we keep in our car.

Mailee and Ella participated in the Nativity scene.  Mailee was a sheep.  It took all her self control not to "BAAAA" loudly while walking out on stage.  Ella was an angel.  She stood there looking the part until the last song when she had had enough of standing still.  That's when she looked over at me and rolled her eyes.  It was a grand eye roll...whites of the eyes only and a dramatic facial expression. 

Jonas was so excited to see Santa.  You know in the movie "Elf" when Buddy hears that Santa is coming to the department store to visit and he screams "SANTA!!!"...yeah, that's pretty much what Jonas did.  It was awesome.

Ella asked for a Monster High doll and Mailee asked for a baby doll or a lot of money.   I came home and looked up what a Monster High doll eyes rolled, quite similar to how Ella's did earlier, when I read up on what they were

Jonas told Santa he wanted "Nemo-Buzz".  It's the same answer he gives for basically everything lately.  Obsessed much?

Christmas is so much fun with little kids around!

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Ginnie Coleman said...

You have a Mrs. Claus? So jeal. Well, maybe we had one, but I never go to the ward parties. Jonas probably watches Toy Story as much as Hinckley watches Muppets. He is getting a cool little Kermit and Walter for one of his gifts!