Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{Mele Kalikimaka}

The girls had their first Hula performance last weekend.  The days leading up to their performance were filled with practicing over, and over and over and over again in the front room.  To say they were a little excited would be an understatement.
They were so fun to watch.  Ella was so determined to do every step correctly that she forgot to smile.  Mailee smiled in between the glances over at her sister to be sure she was doing the steps right.  Jonas kept yelling their names and getting upset that they weren't waving back. 
 Watching them perform up there made me remember my first hula performance.  I was about Ella's age and just as excited as she was.  I had a moment where I just couldn't believe that I was, in that very moment, watching my own kid dance.  Then I felt old.  It happens a lot lately.
 They both did wonderful and had a great time.  Mele Kalikimaka from our little hula girls!

 Jonas did in fact enjoy watching the girls, but his favorite part was the warm kettle corn and the sugar sand tubes he got to make once the performance was over.  As you can see from this picture he likes sugar.


William said...

Plan on performing for the fmaily when you arrive!

brittany said...

There are so many things I love about this post, but first of all, your children are beautiful!

On to some of the things I love... I love that they were so excited, I love their christmas skirts and santa hats, and I love that they are carrying on and loving something you love so much. It is so fun to watch as our kids perform and learn things that we loved so much.

Delcie said...

I LOVE that they do this!! So beautiful!