Tuesday, December 04, 2012

{Lights all aglow}

For all you outdoor Christmas decorators out there...don't even try this year to have the best decorated lawn.  Your moving deer, huge blowup globe with falling snow and the green M&M dressed up as Santa won't even hold a candle to this persons house!

Though we enjoy this tradition, when it comes to lighting up our house we are pathetic.  Last year I think we had one string of lights above our garage, and this year we don't have any up yet, with no intentions to do so.

I am picky about lights.  I don't like to see the random string of lights between one bush and another or from a bush to the roof.  I am not a huge fan of the inflatable snowmen or Santas...at least on my lawn.  I like simple lights and a Nativity scene.  Until I find the perfect Nativity set that I have in mind, I just don't feel like doing the whole lights on the house thing.

I guess I am the Christmas light Scrooge...Bah-humbug!

To let the kids still enjoy outdoor Christmas lights we drive around and enjoy the efforts of others.  We enjoy driving around, singing along to our favorite Christmas tunes mix, while looking at the houses around the area lit up with festive lights and decor.

We like to make it a game of sorts while driving around.  I print up a checklist of items they need to find while looking at the lights, and have added the last few years Christmas songs they hear during our drive.

The kids love having this checklist and we love that it keeps them entertained.   It's houses like the one above, where half your checklist would probably be able to marked off, that made us make a new rule of being able to only mark off 2 from each house.

You can click on the picture below and print it if you want to use the list I made this year.  Some of the songs you might not have since this list was created based on the Christmas mix we listen to.  You can make your own, not do the music at all, or better yet, the songs you don't have, download, since they are great songs.

Enjoy the lights!  Oh, and if you're in our neighborhood...our house is the one with no Christmas lights on the outside.


Ginnie Coleman said...

Um...wow. WAY overdone. It gave me a headache looking at it!

Brooke said...

Your list is a fantastic idea!! That yard gives me anxiety!