Thursday, December 13, 2012


01.It's raining today.  It was also raining a couple weeks ago when we had our family pictures.  We thought we had an hour window to get the pictures done but that hour consisted of a constant misting drizzle.

Water and my  thick not-curly-but-not-straight hair aren't friends.  I knew that halfway through the shoot I would look like a wild Amazon woman and was this close to rescheduling but the lighting was beautiful...and we were all dressed, pep talks and warnings already given to the kids.

So we took them.  I am glad we did.  Yes, there were many photos that I looked horrible in but there were also a few gems that make me smile. 

Those gems - Jonas doing his sweet pose, the girls and I laughing, Bret and Jonas playing, my kids talking -  happen to be the unposed, in between pictures of Us just being Us.  I love Us.

02.Last night we took the kids to Target so they could do their Christmas shopping for each other.  I would like to say it went off without any problems but that would be a big, fat, lie.

In the thick of pushing the cart down the crowded aisles and sounding like a broken record while repeating "We are shopping for your siblings and NOT for you!", I was ready to just throw my hands up and leave, when I heard Mailee say in a low voice to the Target worker nearby "Merry Christmas you filthy animal!!".

Everyone within hearing distance just started laughing, including Bret and myself, and just like that our moods were all lifted.

That girl just cracks me up.

03.I discovered a trail of red and green peppermint pattie wrappers while coming downstairs after showering this morning.  Jonas found the Christmas candy bowl.  I am pretty sure I will discover sticky smears of melted chocolate in random spots as I go about the house today.

04.I got Bret a face grooming kit for his stocking.  It's more a gift for myself.  I am very excited for the nose/ear/eyebrow attachment.  I can get my tweezers back.   He claims my tweezers work better than his, which is true, but I just can't wait until I don't have to sanitize my tweezers, you know...just in case he forgot to after grooming his face orifices.

05.Today I plan on drinking no less than 3 cups of hot chocolate.  Lately we really enjoy cooling the cocoa by adding a small scoop of candy cane ice cream into the mug.  Cools it, makes it creamy and the bits of candy cane melt away.   It's minty chocolate goodness.  Try it.  You're welcome.


Melia said...

Has Mailee been watching Home Alone? Love her!

I LOVE your opening picture. It makes me smile and tear up at the same time. Love you all!

Ginnie Coleman said...

LOVE that you edited on the garbage can. I was wondering about that in the first pic you posted! ;-)

And Mailee's line. Classic. Who doesn't love Home Alone?

Rochelle said...

OH my gosh I laughed so hard at Mailee's comment. I needed that today. She and my Graham would be instant friends. They are the same person, different gender.

Heather Child said...

I miss you! I saw that Home Alone line on a T-shirt...I totally want to get it. I hope you guys are doing wonderful! Sure sounds like you are1

Meg said...

have you tried the little 1/2 ans 1/2 creamers that are Almond Joy and Heath flavored? I found them at walmart in the coffee aisle. cocoa tastes like hot liquid caramel instead. They're so good!

Need to try the ice cream idea. We've been dipping trader joes peppermint oreos in our cocoa the last few days and the box is almost gone. I need to find someone going out west to buy me a couple boxes stat so I can stock up! Deeelish!