Sunday, November 25, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 80}

I know it's not even December yet, but the kids were pretty persistent with their begging to put up the Christmas tree and other festive decor.  So while some crazies were out doing the whole Black Friday thing, we spent the day decking out the Grover Halls.

Even when the tree had only twinkle lights, naked of all the glitter and baubles, the kids deemed it the new cool spot to hang out. 

This evening after dinner, all three gathered together, one with his ukulele, and the other two with their idea for a new Christmas club theme song, all looked at the tree for inspiration.

I sat behind them on the couch, enjoying the view and thinking about  the day.  

I stayed home with Jonas, who was sick, and cleaned up puke off floors, tables, carpet, Jonas and myself.  It was not the most relaxing day.  I don't know what it is, but when I clean up puke, I myself, am on the verge of puking as well.  

Today I also found out that I was being released from my calling at church.  For the past 3 1/2 years I have been in a presidency that is over the children in our church.  You would think that only happy thoughts and feelings would've come from me, but, though I was happy, I was also sad.  You can't spend the last 3+ years teaching children and spending 2 hours every Sunday together, without loving them.  So even though I am happy with this change, I will miss those kids!
 To end the day I think I will make some tea and read by the tree...the kids aren't the only ones who love twinkle lights.


Jo said...

I'm always amazed by your pictures. Again these pics are stunning! I hope your little guy is feeling better already.

Sol said...

aw poor little guy

we put our tree up 2 weeks ago! we paid a fortune for a new fake tree. we loaded it up with lights and that is it. there is something about twinkle lights.

Stars in your living room

William said...

We will probably put up the outdoor lights this weekend and then the inside decoration begins the week after......gotta have it ready for when you all come for Christmas!

Good job in your past church calling. I am sure the kids and the leaders will miss you. Also pretty sure you won't be stting around long without a calling!

Love ya,