Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We have a tradition in our home, which is a common tradition I have found, where every year the kids get to pick out an ornament.  The ornament can represent something significant that happened that year or just one that they really love.

This year the girls specifically asked for a hula girl ornament since they both started hula classes this year and I knew Jonas would want a similar ornament (he does his verison of the Haka for us at least once a day).  After searching many places while in Hawaii, we found ones we knew they would like.
Growing up we had at least 2 Christmas trees.  One tree was deemed my mom's tree, with decorations coordinating and beautifully decorated with a running theme.  We could help decorate this tree but all ornaments/decor for the tree was her decision.

The other tree was a tree for the kids.  This tree was a beautiful, chaotic, colorful kaleidoscope of ornaments.  Salt dough ornaments made as a family one year, ornaments from school, ornaments with a school picture and the date, and various handmade ornaments made with a wide array of materials were all hung on the tree wherever the kids wanted to put them.
 I have carried on the tradition of having 2 trees.

With 3 kids the ornament collection has grown enough that the small 4 foot tree no longer can hold them all.  Looks like we will be hitting up the after Christmas sales for a bigger tree, and with the addition of Jonas I'm thinking this time we won't be getting a white tree with pink lights.

Every year we enjoy taking out the ornaments and telling the stories that are attached with each one. 

I am hoping that by the time they are married they will have enough ornaments to decorate their own trees with and continue on the tradition of adding on to the collection every year.

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{natalie} said...

my parents are divorced and we received a new ornament from each set of parents each year. we have quite the collection. we started giving our kids an ornament each year when they were babies. my dad and step mom also send them an ornament. usually they are from a place they/we have traveled in the past year. this year i found cute tiny frames from c&b and we put in pictures of each kid. i love seeing all the ornaments each year and remembering where we went, etc.

your hula ornaments are so cute. i am sure they will be so happy when they unpack all the ornaments after they get married and have their own trees.