Thursday, November 29, 2012


 01. Mailee is really into taking pictures and making videos on her iTouch.  The above picture is us waiting in the car for Ella to finish up with her piano lesson.  It was almost 5 o'clock and almost dark so she couldn't take another 100 pictures of the trees and clouds and road anymore.  She requested we take a picture together to "show our happy selves to the world".

Well here you go world...our happy little selves.

02.Today calls for rain.  Today is also our family pictures. Today Mailee has the stomach bug that has been going around and is spending every 10 minutes on the toilet.  Not quite sure how the family pictures will be.

Maybe Mother Nature and I can make a deal for one hour of no rain.  Embrace the rain you say?!  Make the family pictures fun photos in the rain you say?!  Ummm...have you seen my hair in the rain?  No Thank You!

As for's to hoping Children's Imodium works.

03.Speaking of family pictures...I dread them.  I really feel more comfortable and enjoy so much more being behind the camera, taking the pictures.  I do them because I know how much I enjoy looking back at family pictures my family did growing up and I know my kids will too.

I'll be honest.  When looking at the pictures that were taken, I choose the ones I look decent in. What?  You don't do this?  Well good for you!

I think one year Bret even had his eyes slightly closed, but I chose that one because it was the one I looked the best in...I don't even think I noticed his eyes were closed.   Nine times out of ten Bret and the kids always look great in the pictures, my average is about 2 out of 20, so if I find one that I even remotely like that's the one we use.

04.In case you're wondering any time you ask Jonas a question, regardless of the question, his answer will always be "Nemo and Buzz".  What do you want for breakfast?  Do you need to go to the bathroom?  What's your name?  It doesn't matter...the answer is almost always the same.

05.I think Eggnog is disgusting.  Just the name of the drink makes it sound unappealing. It is basically a dairy based liquid mixed with whipped eggs.  So why not drink the mixture of eggs, milk/cream and cinnamon used to make French toast with?  yummmm.....

06.Our small little rat dog, Ruby, walks around the house in her purple dog sweater and the girls just think it's adorable.  All I can think about is that we actually spent $5 on DOG CLOTHES. 

07.Bret and I laughed our way through the SNL Christmas special last night, like we do every year.  It's our substitute for the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. 

08.Ella has gotten to the point where she can play actual songs on the piano.  Though I do enjoy hearing her plink out the tune to "Away in a Manger" and quite pleased that she's doing so well after a couple of months in piano, I am pretty sure I will be sick of that song by the time Christmas actually arrives.

I wonder how long before she learns to play "Heart and Soul"...please bless it's a long while, even though the iPad Mini commercial apparently made this song cool again.

09.It's almost December.  You know what that means right?!  GOODBYE Mo-vember!!!  It's for a good cause I understand that (you'd be surprised how many men participate and don't even know why), but I am looking forward to seeing some of my friend's looking a little more like themselves and a little less like a creeper.

I am a lover of facial hair on men, but not so much a mustache.

10.I need to think of a way I can tastefully incorporate twinkle lights in my home year round.  They are magical.


Jo said...

It poured on our wedding day. Thankfully we hired a talented and skilled photographer. She made it look like we were kissing and having a good time in the rain. In reality I was tired, cold and my dress was black at the bottom from dragging in the rain and all the layers inside were soaking wet. I hope the skies clear for you!

Lynn said...

3. of course we pick the best pictures of ourselves. of course. we'd be dumb not too.

5. eggnog is probably more palatable with the traditional bourbon and brandy.