Tuesday, October 02, 2012


I noticed the girls desk was getting pretty covered with little girl debris.  It's something that happens often and must be addressed every 3 months or so.

I tell the girls if they have to move things in order for them to have a spot to do their homework then it's time to assess and organize.

 I sent them up yesterday on their own to organize and assess.  They know when I use the word "assess" that means to really think about each item, if it is important or if it can be thrown away/donated.

I instructed them to call me up to come and check once they were done.

Here's what Mailee's side looked like after the cleanse:
 Hmmm.  I give them a chance to tell me why they kept the things they did and its importance.  Mailee always has a reason or story as to why she absolutely can't get rid of the items.

-eraser collection in basket from neighbor:  "Because I make mistakes on paper sometimes and it's more funner to fix the mistake with a happy dinosaur or ice cream cone!"

-self painted wooden cupcake stand with shell turtles (one chewed on/blinded by the dog): "You said it's a collection if I have more than one...I have two!  I've always wanted a shell turtle collection and I am going to get another one next time we go to the shell shop...then I will have 3...3 like the number of kids you have!"

-Mini magic 8 ball (semi-works): "I ask it questions about my day!"

- purple plastic Easter egg and bunny snow globe: "It's one of my top four holidays!"

She didn't stop there...but continued to list in a very serious and determined voice that all that was on her desk was needed.  She also pointed out that she tested the space with her homework folder and didn't have to move anything to make space for it.

Touche my dear.

She assessed and decided...what more can I ask for?
Here we have Ella's side.  She also felt the need to explain what she chose to keep.

-plastic secret diary (with broken lock courtesy of her brother): "Even though it's broken I can't just throw out my thoughts I have in there!  Plus, there are tons of pages I still can use!"  (more on a few entries she let me read in a later post...every time I think about them I laugh!)

-pencil box containing erasers, pencils, crayons, scissors, stickers, etc.: "I need this for our Nature Club.  I use all this stuff to make our newsletter.  I even put them in my old pencil box that Jonas can't open unless he throws it down onto the floor SUPER hard and that doesn't happen all the time".

-books: "I kept only the ones that have adventure and are happy.  I don't want to read unhappy things before bed!"

Jewelry box: "I organized all the jewelry and now I can see the ballerina...I think that's quite an accomplishment mom...don't you think?!!  I threw away all my Silly Bandz because they aren't cool anymore.  You should probably get rid of any you have too".

I love how each desk space is a great representation of my two girls individual personalities.

I also love that I can see the desk again.

This is the "neutral zone" between the two desk spaces.

A night light for comfort, a vintage Hula girl to remind them who they are, antique wire basket filled with head bands and hair flowers, a timer for reading (set each night for 30 mins then lights out), fuzzy animals that hop and bark just because, and a pink harmonica so they can practice their songs for the many many funerals they've been doing for the dead bugs and snails in their Nature Club.

These girls make me smile!


Rochelle said...

I learn so much from reading your blog. You are such a good mom.

William said...

This is just awesome and fun!!! Perhaps we should have done this with you in your bedroom more often!!!