Sunday, October 28, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 77}

 The fire pit is 99.9% complete.  We just need to remove the makeshift handles that were welded on to allow this 400+  pound metal fire pit to be lifted into place.

There is something so satisfying actually creating something that I had envisioned  in my head and designed.  I think it turned out pretty close to what my initial vision was.    

Many a S'more has already been created on the pit...and rest assured there will be many more S'more's to come.

We have also enjoyed gathering around the warmth and the flames with friends and family, laughing, talking and sharing stories, and can't wait to have more of our friends/family over.

Moving on...

The primary program (a program children ages 2-11 put on once a year in our church) was today.  Three cheers for the kids, the teachers/leaders and the music chorister for a job well done...and THREE CHEERS that it is over.

I have written and helped direct the program for the last four years.  With 93 children participating it's always a miracle when it all comes together.

Now I can relax, edit some recent sessions and count down until Hawaii  (10 more days!).

*I should add that Jonas is saying "Trick-or-treat!" in the picture...hand out and waiting for some candy.  I think he's definitely caught on to the whole trick-or-treating thing. 


Chrissy Jo said...

I am so interesting in how your fire pit works? Is it gas? Is that lava rock? I would love to hear more about your design.

Cute kids as always!

We had our primary program yesterday too. It has to be my very favorite sacrament meeting of the year.

Anne-Marie said...

I want to see the costumes! The full ensemble! Did the green work the way you thought? Love the firepit! How fun :)

Lynn said...

That is a sweet firepit. Really amazing! Your pics of Hawaii are painful to look a good way.