Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{Feeling Fall}

Last week we had a few days where it actually felt like Fall was in the air.  Slippers were worn around the house to keep toes toasty and all of us were even wearing pants!

It seems, however, that Mother Nature is quite the tease and the weather is now set for the upper 80's, even some days reaching into the 90's for the rest of this week.

Knowing that the weather called for a huge change in weather, I suggested we take the kids up the mountain this past weekend and pretend it was Fall (even though Bret was wearing shorts and a t-shirt). 
We grabbed a map and hiked around one of our favorite spots up in Oak Glen.

The kids were obsessed with the maps.  We had all 3 telling us where to go, their directions proving to be correct less than half of the time, but no matter, the maps made it an adventure.
We hunted for leaves that were changing colors for a project I planned on doing for family night (details in tomorrow's post).
 It was gorgeous and quiet, with no one else around us.  Everywhere you looked the sun was hitting just right, making everything seem ethereal.
We made sure to be up there early in the morning to avoid the rest of the crowds we were sure would be coming up to enjoy some Fall weather as well.

As we were driving back down, passing the line of cars heading up the mountain we were glad we planned ahead. It looked like all of Southern California needed some Fall weather too!
 Before we headed back down the mountain I asked Bret to take a quick picture of me and my littles.  After reading this article I'm trying to be in more pictures with my kids.

I do a good job in taking pictures and documenting our lives but not very good at getting out from behind the camera. It's important to make sure my kids do see me with them, no matter how much I would prefer being the one behind the camera, taking the pictures.

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Meg said...

amen to getting in the pictures, too! My mom NEVER wanted her picture taken. ever. A a result I have one. ONE picture of us together when I was 2 yrs old. When I was 15 I got a camera of my own and finally got her in some shots but seriously. One picture?