Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I have fond memories of a family night we did growing up.  All 5 of my siblings sitting around the dining table with my parents, piles of leaves covering the surface, while we each worked on our leaf animal creations.

I am positive there was lot of laughing,  joking and reprimanding going on, as this was the norm...still is as a matter of fact.

We were so very proud of our creations.  My mom must've either known this or thought they turned out well, having framed them for all to see for years afterwards.

I knew I would be doing this activity with my kids as well, and so I made sure to bring a bag to store our collected leaves when we went up the hill last Saturday (see post below).

Monday night we turned on our Halloween music mix and got busy making a creative mess.

I love how they all turned out.  Each one perfectly imperfect, with a memory and story behind each one as we sat and talked.
Jonas insisted on making our tortoise, Chuck Norris.  Oh the glue that was all over this paper!!
Mailee wanted to do a bird, since her nickname is "Mailee-bird" around here. 
Ella wanted to do a fox but deemed it a wolf halfway through.  She was pretty excited to have found leaf with a perfect hole for the eye.
I decided on this lion chilling under palm fronds, waiting for his woman to bring him her latest looked so much better in my head.
Bret decided to go prehistoric and make a T-Rex.  The kids just loved his. 
It was great to be able to do the same thing with my children that my parents did with their kids.  

Though it was more work being the parent (glue everywhere, leaf bits spread far and wide and arguments broken up), I found myself smiling, wondering if my kids will do this same activity with their own little families down the road.


Chrissy Jo said...

I know you are probably already aware, but your kids are amazing! I love their creations. What a cool, creative mama you are!

William said...

Great creations! I remember when we did those. Of course mom is the inspiration behind such a great activity but I still recall how amazed I was at how great they all turned out. I still have the creations and they are all in frames.

Love ya!


Gloua said...

Best thing ever! I am going to make the hubbs do it with me!

Lynn said...

Great idea. You have quite the family of artists.