Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It's tradition, no matter that every year I say we just don't have time to do it, that we carve pumpkins for Halloween.

This is how the Grover house rolls when it comes to the traditional pumpkin carving.

First, pumpkins are chosen.

The last couple of years we just haven't made it to a pumpkin patch, but no matter, the local grocery store is always an option and quite frankly we can find better pumpkins there for way less.
Next, we choose a template we want to use and tape it to the pumpkin.

The choosing of a template takes time and the taping requires lots of tape and creasing to get it to lay flat.  My template I chose this year was fitting...don't you think? (Go Mitt!)
 Cleaning out the pumpkins always proves to be the most fun and the most messy.

Seeds and goop are scooped into bowls, then passed over to me where I separate the seeds from the goop and prep them for roasting.
 Once the pumpkin is cleaned out, the hole poking begins.  The paper usually gets wet and torn so the holes allow for the pattern to still be seen if that should happen (which it almost always does).

The kids really enjoy this part.  We poke away and watch one of our Halloween movies.
Then it's time to get down to business.

At this point some of the kids are done and some want to cut.  It depends every year if the kids want to cut their own pumpkins or not.

This year Ella helped with hers but Mailee and Jonas thought that playing games with balloons and eating Halloween candy sounded more appealing.
 After the kids go to bed, Bret really gets in his zone.  He looks forward to carving every year and does an amazing, speedy job.  We usually talk while he carves and watch a movie.

This year's pumpkins:

{Jonas - Buzz Lightyear}
{Mailee - Jack the Skeleton)
{Ella - Silly pumpkin face she named Hammy}
{Erica - Mitt Romney}
{Bret - The Hulk}
The end results are always satisfying for everyone (especially Bret) and the reaction from the kids makes it all worth the time and effort.

I can guarantee that over the next 2 days these pumpkins will be lit, loved and looked at by all of us many times.

Yay for holiday traditions!


Leilani said...

So cool! Love the pumpkin carving choices. I think Ella's Hammy kind of looks like the Onceler from The Lorax, or maybe just the Lorax himself. I have no idea why... :) Happy Halloween Grover family!

Meg said...

Love the Mitt pumpkin. Nice job!
Every year I say we don't have time, either..but somehow it still happens, and somehow, I end up left at the table finishing everyone's pumpkins (and eating a lot of candy). The kids' reactions do make it worth it!

Ashley Webb said...

The Mitt pumpkin is amazing. Well done (as usually) Grovers! :)

William said...

Very well done....I enjoyed it when we did it here with you. Bret really is good at the tiny cuts which really make the face standout. Good photos too!