Wednesday, October 24, 2012


01.Mailee presented this little note to Bret the other day.  She didn't say anything...just handed him the note, smiled, then walked away.

Random.  Funny.  Slightly weird.

We laugh pretty hard about it still.

02.This time last week I was on a plane to beautiful Iowa.  My stay there was, as always, enjoyable.  I have the best clients and the greatest friends there.

I never thought I would say this given that it took me a good two years to even like Iowa when we lived there, but I would move back there.  Just don't remind me about the so-humid-it's suffocating Summers and the watch-out-for-frost-bite Winters.

03.I'm wearing a plaid, flannel shirt today and feeling all warm, cozy and Fall-ish.  I better take advantage of this cooler weather since the forecast calls for temps in the upper 80's the rest of the week.

Why can't Mother Nature compromise and give us low 70's for the next month or so?

04.Today I am busy getting ready for guests.  Our best friends are headed down to go with us to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland.  The kids are all excited, and to be honest so are the adults.

With this party at Disneyland and the church trunk-or-treat party the next day we are confident the kids will have plenty of candy (Hello Kit Kats!).  There will be no need for them to go out on Halloween night, which is a school night.  Instead we plan on staying in, eating said candy and watching spooky movies.

Guess it's time to start  teaching the kids how to choose the chocolate over the Smarties.

05. Yesterday I sliced my finger.  I was wondering if our new knives we got were I know.

I drove down to the Vet hospital where Bret cleaned, sanitized and glued my finger.  I only kicked him once while he worked.  It's a knee-jerk defense reaction I have when someone hurts me.  I have no control over it.

It was no surprise that Bret didn't even blink when he got kicked...we've been married 11 years, he's been kicked before.

06.  Hocus Pocus is a movie I must watch every Halloween.  I love that movie.

07.  It's almost time for Chuck Norris, our tortoise, to hibernate for the Winter (best pet ever!).  Bret suggested we put him in a box and keep him in his clothes closet upstairs since the garage will get too cold during the "Winter" here.!  I can just see me  forgetting that there is a tortoise in a box in Bret's closet, only to discover him while looking for something in the boxes.

The brainstorming will continue as to where to store Chuck  Norris (although everyone knows, Chuck Norris can never be contained....)


Chrissy Jo said...

It took me two years to fall in love with Iowa too, and now I can't think of any other place I would rather live. Funny how that works, eh?

Sorry about your finger. Yikes!

anorton said...

My parents use to clean this home in Cali where the home owners would lay their turtle on their pantry floor while it hibernated. I always thought that was wierd but now that Im thinking about it...makes sense! you dont want to forget about the little fella.
Have fun at Disney!