Thursday, October 11, 2012


01.Last night, while outside, we all were wearing sweatshirts.  No big deal for some of you but for this lady, who has been waiting rather impatiently for some Fall  weather to hit, it was a very happy happening.

02.Looking forward to the Presidential Debate tonight.  I can't wait for my Facebook homepage to be inundated with political posts that will FOR SURE sway my vote.

I wonder what Sesame Street Character will become famous tonight?  I mean we should all be focusing our attention on that instead of the people trying to win our vote to be able to help run this country.(drip sarcasm)

03.Claymation scares the crap out of me!  So does Christina Aguilera's sense of style.

04.Does anyone else out there cry every.single.time. you watch Parenthood?  What is wrong with me?  Or maybe...what is wrong with you if you dont?!

And since we're on the subject of TV shows...are you watching Once Upon a Time?  What about Revolution?  These are my top 3 shows at the moment.

05.Bret and I had a good laugh this morning when he asked if I remembered what I did last night around 2 in the morning.

Apparently I sat straight up and informed him that we needed to grab the kids and ride the dinosaurs to the water.  I then listed supplies we needed including Q-tips, my camera, cheese cubes and the sweatshirt he looks "super sexy in".

He told me "Okay..." and then I went back to sleep.

I think he keeps me around because I am entertaining.


Rochelle said...

Parenthood is the best show on television! It's so raw and real. I love it! We are watching Once Upon a Time too. It's the one show that Jeremy and I watch together. Those are my two "have to see" shows right now.

Melia said...

I LOVE Parenthood! I also love hearing about your sleep talking. Have a great day!

Michelle said...

My husband and I caught up on last season on Netflix this past week and he cried three times. lol! I know it's not funny bc he was crying at very sweet moments but I now have something to hold over him and share with strangers! It is a good show, i almost stopped watching when Rachel kissed Adam because I can't stand 'cheating storylines' but it turned out fine, obviously.

Once Upon a Time is good so far too, I had my doubts with the ending of last season but they're making it work. I haven't watched Revolution but will look into it. I'm loving Revenge. That show gets me sucked in faster than Parks & Rec.

Also, funny about the sleep talking. You were obviously having an awesome dream!

Dejah said...

I LOVE Parenthood too. I have finally succeeded in getting my husband to watch it. And, I cry every episode, it doesn't matter if it's happy or sad.