Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 73}

 I decided to have the kids help sort and fold their clothes while we watched a movie.  I  wanted the clothes to be separated by child but when I came back after putting the chicken on the grill they had decided to jump in the pile of clothes instead.

All desire was lost by everyone involved to fold once the clothes were sorted.  I will probably end up folding them after the kids go to bed instead of waiting for the kids to help with them tomorrow.  Having a clean/empty floor instead of clothes piles waiting to aid in teaching the kids will win out I'm sure.

Bret has been on call today.  It's been quite the busy day for him.  7 calls...2 C-sections and an eye removal among the count.  Sometimes I forget how cool my husband is (I'm sure your husband is pretty cool as well), and what he does when he goes to work.  Mailee called him a Rockstar today...I would have to agree.

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Jo(ke) said...

That does sound pretty cool!