Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{Night Games}

Last night, after enjoying a family bike ride and yard work in the back yard, I found myself on all fours, slowly crawling inch, by inch, along the grass...wearing a headlamp.
See the excitement in my face?

Mailee, with panic in her voice and tears brimming, threatening to spill down her face, informed us she had accidentally lost her bracelet.

This wasn't just any bracelet...but a bracelet she had earned that very day after running a mile in running club.  A simple metal bead bracelet with a single black plastic foot, indicating her hard work.  She was so proud, and rightfully so.

I told her not to take it outside.  I told her to be sure not to lose it.

She took it outside (just couldn't bear the thought of not having it with her everywhere).  She lost it.

Words were spoken, a teaching moment happened and tears (on her part) were shed.  I felt so bad for her, seeing her shoulders slumped and her perfected pout.  I just couldn't wait until the morning to look.  I had to put aside my annoyance of her choice to not listen to me, and show her we validated her feeling of importance for her precious bracelet.
  Flash lights, head lamps and family members were all used.  What a sight I'm sure we were.  All crawling around our grass, searching for the bracelet.

As I crawled around, amused at the scene I was a participant in, I realized I was smiling.  It's simple moments like these that make me aware of the life I have.  This life of children, teaching, learning, ups and downs...and headlamps.
After 40 minutes of searching we stopped for the night, Mailee insisting we set our alarm clock for when the sun rises so she could go back out and look in the morning.

This morning after getting ready for school she went out back to look.  A squeal of excitement was heard.  

Had Mailee found the bracelet?  No!  Our little dog, Ruby who followed Mailee out, had found the bracelet and brought it to her.

What's the moral of this story?

Listen to your parents?  Attitude in a situation makes or breaks it?  Or...When in doubt have your dog help.

I'm gonna go with all three.

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William said...

Great story....wonderful outcome....all done the right way! Proud of you!!!