Thursday, September 27, 2012


 01.Yes, that is a highway patrol man.  After being ticket free for 11 years I got a ticket on the way to Vegas for our girls weekend.  The officer and my friend found it quite funny how bugged I was that my record was broken.  The officer even laughed at me.

I'm glad they thought it was amusing.  Apparently he thought it funny enough to not cite me for the 97 mph I was going, and only cite me for 80 (too much talking and not enough paying attention to the speedometer).

Thanks officer!  Traffic school here I come!

02.This morning I have a doctor's appointment.  As I was getting ready I was trying to think about the last time I went to see a doctor for myself and not for my children.  The only doctor I have seen since I have been married has been my OB/GYN for pregnancies and yearly exams!

Another record broken today as I go to the doctor to see about these migraines I've been having.  Hoping these nasty headaches can be stopped ASAP!

03.While in Vegas a lot of shopping was done (of course).  We all got fitted properly for bras...let me tell you...a well fitted bra will change your life!

Get measured, invest in a good bra and you will be happy...mark my words.

04.We went to Disneyland yesterday.  Bret always seems to be ranked in the top 10 Space Rangers on the Buzz Light Year ride (a shooting game).  Yesterday was no exception when he ranked 4th for most of the day and then bumped down to 6th by the end.

What was awesome, at least for me, was that I was ranked in the top 100!  Number 82 to be exact.  It was a proud moment for my Buzz ride loving husband.

It's the little things that keep this marriage hot...

05.I had a dream last night that Snoop Dog and Ceelo Green were singing a song with me called "Iambic Pentameter" to a vast crowd of dancing people up in Park City, Utah.  The details are fuzzy now but it was a good time, this I know.

Analyze that folks.

06.I gave in to the kids request and bought this dancing mummy from Walmart.  You push a button and it starts to dance to Michael Jackson's song "Thriller".

For some reason my brain stopped working when I agreed to the purchase and forgot that kids like to push buttons A LOT.  Currently I want to take the battery out and claim innocence when they ask me why it's not working.

07.While parking yesterday at Disneyland I asked the girls to look around for our row and level.  Mailee loudly informed me (and the few others near by), "Mom, we are by Mickey 4P...not the cwrotch (crotch) pee...but the letter P!"

Thanks for the clarification on that one Mailee.

08.I've been enjoying making dinner with the windows open, cool air coming through and Mumford & Sons playing.  Their new album is awesome.  I always appreciate a little banjo.

09.Speaking of dinner, the other night I made Bret's favorite comfort meal.  Chocolate milk, Ham and Cheese roll ups, and tomato basil soup.

It's the one meal that always makes him smile and remember his mom.  He thinks I make it because it makes him happy, which is one reason, but little does he know I'm being selfish and make it because I always get a positive response...and who doesn't like that?


Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Yesterday when the hubs came home he informed me "he did something bad". After giving him the look, he said, "I bought the new Mumford & Sons Album at full price :)'s just that good!" I have yet to listen to it, but so far I've only heard good things.

Cristy said...

Hahaha, this just kept me laughing. And I needed a good laugh after being spit-up on in massive amounts at least 15 times today. Love it all.

Caroline said...

Have you tried using Peppermint oil? I am prone to getting migraines. I have had an infusion to get rid of a ten day migraine. My mother just bought me a little bottle of peppermint oil. I dab a little on my finger and rub on my forehead, the back of head and behind my ears. I carry the stuff with me. It works for me! Yes, you smell like a big like candy cane, but it is better than smelling like Tiger or Monkey Balm like some of my friends have suggested!