Thursday, September 20, 2012


{photo taken by me 8/12}

01.Heading down to Vegas tomorrow for a couple of days with friends.  I've been put on a budget for the weekend, Bret knows me well...but I'm pretty sure both Bret and I know that the whole budget thing may not happen.

02.I love the show "Parenthood".  Every episode speaks to me.  I laugh, cry, get angry, etc.  Any show that does that is worth watching.  Are you watching?  

03. Animated stuffed animals (FurReal friends) freak me out.  So does the kid show Higglytown Hero's.  One minute they don't have arms and then all of a sudden they do. Things are stored inside them (they are like stacking dolls).  Disturbing.

04.I was waiting for a pizza at the pizza place the other day.  A lady came in wearing a nude camisol and black footless tights.  How did I know they were tights?  When she bent over and leaned on the counter you could see all of know what I'm saying?  It wasn't an appetizing sight to see.  Sadly, the two children waiting in line for their pizza with their mom also were able to verify that they were tights and NOT leggings.  


05.I went to pick up the kids yesterday and the temp read 103.  Happy Fall everyone (?)!

06.Halloween costumes are put together and done for the family.  I always say to the kids that Bret and I won't be participating in the dressing up this year but the looks of disappointment from them win me over and we give in. 

I am not sure if I will be happy or sad the day they aren't disappointed when I inform them we won't be dressing up with them.  

07.Hotel has been booked, plane tickets purchased and babysitters in place.  I can't wait to show Bret my old college stomping grounds.  Even though it's a month and a half away, the countdown has begun until we leave for Hawaii.

08.I, like many of you, are so over all the political crap going around.  I cringe logging onto Facebook or reading/watching the news these days, and I'm so glad I utilize my DVR so I don't have to watch the commercials.  

By now most already know who they are voting for and probably won't switch their vote so quit trying to "persuade".  November can't come soon enough.

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Karalynn said...

I have to say, I understand your comment about politics. I have a few friends that post frequently about their views on the subject (one is not surprisingly a poli sci graduate). I pass some on (sorry), and I have been sucked into debating morals and politics on FB (again, sorry). I'm still growing up I guess, but mostly politics and all the arguing make me sick to my stomach.

As for the dressing up, I love Halloween and I love themed family costumes, lol!