Tuesday, September 11, 2012


01. When the weekly calendar hardly has anything on it like this, it makes me happy.

I thought having a weekly calendar up would help the girls get a better idea of what would be going on during the week.  Oh believe me...they have a good idea...and tell us all the time.  If something on the calendar changes I am bombarded with questions and confusion.

02.Yesterday the whole town smelled like rotten eggs.  It was humid, stinky and hot.  I hear the smell is from the nearby Salton Sea and the wind blowing in the right direction.

I decided for dinner we would have egg salad sandwiches and fruit cups.  Might as well embrace the stink outside and bring it inside right?

03.My phone broke on Friday.  I got the replacement phone yesterday.  It was pretty sad how much I depended on my phone.  It's my camera, web browser, kid entertainer, keep in contact with friends device.  I can now function properly.

04.Last night The Voice started again.  As always Adam Levine didn't disappoint my eyes.  That man is....wow.

Let's talk about Christina Aguilera's boobs...wait...let's not.  Put them away sister!

05.Our little family managed to eat half a box of peaches in a week.  We probably could've eaten the whole thing but I had to hide the rest so we could make some jam.

I will be buying another box on Saturday with the hopes that they will be used for jam...but who am I kidding?!

06.While doing the laundry this morning a pile of Goldfish cracker crumbs spilled on the floor from one of Jonas' shorts.  Upon further examination of said pocket I found the following: Goldfish cracker crumbs, a crumpled up Hello Kitty sticker, one lone fruit snack, and 3 balled up, dead rollie-pollie bugs (not the first time with the bugs).

It's basically a record of his daily activities.  Snacks, getting into his sister's stuff, and playing outside.

07.This morning Ruby (our dog) puked on the floor.  She pukes sometimes when she eats her food too fast.

I discovered the puke by stepping in it.  #%&@#!  I kept saying "Stupid dog!  Stupid dog!" over and over while dry heaving and cleaning off my foot.

08.This morning I found it quite difficult to try and explain the significance of September 11th.  Trying to put into words what happened in terms my kids would be able to understand was a challenge and in no way did that days events justice.

Next year I hope to be better prepared to teach them about this day.

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