Thursday, August 09, 2012

{Welsh Family Reunion 2012}

We just got back from spending a week in St. George where we soaked up sun, almost turned into fish with the amount of swimming we did each day (we're talking HOURS of swimming) and most definetly got our fill of delicious food...because what's a Welsh family reunion without amazing food?!

A recap in photos:
 The living area/kitchen of the condo was where everyone would gather to eat good food, play games, watch the Olympics and talk. 
 It was nice having the hot tub, especially when the hot tub in the pool area was full of people.  Many evening were spent soaking and talking (or splashing around if you're one of the kids).
During the few moments we weren't swimming or out and about in town or hiking the kids could be found in their room, jumping on their beds, still in their swimsuits and watching TV.  A vacation indeed!
The swimming pool was where we spent most of our days.  My attempts at synchronized swimming were mocked, and prune-y fingers were common.

The kids favorite part...being thrown and repeatedly jumping into the pool "as a team".

 I managed to snap a picture of the girls in their goggles but only got one of Jonas on my phone.  Goggle pictures are a must during the reunion.
 Aside from swimming and eating we did a few other things*...shocking... I know!  We got up early one morning and did our favorite kid friendly hike up Snow Canyon.
I love the beautiful red rock, wild flowers and cactus all around.
The family reunion is always a good time.  It's something we look forward to every year.
On the way home we stopped in Vegas.  The kids thought it was awesome, while Bret and I were reminded how much we just don't like it there.

We visited the M&M Factory then had lunch at Rainforest Cafe - the kids choice.  I would say it was mediocre food at best, but the kids loved it.  We also did a little shopping at The Forum Shops in Caesars Palace, where Mailee kept pointing out all the naked male statues "junk".
After Vegas, we headed home.  The kids are always such good travelers. 
Bret and talked about things we wanted and needed to do before school starts next week.  Summer seemed to have gone by so fast! 

I'm not going to lie, I am looking forward to school starting back up again, but I am sad we won't have as much time to explore Southern California, do whatever we want and spend time as a family.

This vacation was our last hurrah of sorts for the Summer break.  What a way to end!!

*Ella was also baptized while we were in St. George but that deserves its own post...coming soon*

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William said...

We really did have lots of fun! I think we should try to get the same place every year so we have a large enough are to accommodate everyone....especially at "food" time! Glad you all got home safe and sound! Love ya!