Wednesday, August 01, 2012

{The girl with gumption turns 6}

Gumption: courage; spunk; guts

We call our Mailee the girl with gumption.  This word just embodies what this little miss is all about.  She's got spunk and guts coming out her ears.

As for courage...this one has a fearlessness that I admire and worry about.  

Today our Smiley Mailee turns 6.  It's a magical number for her, where she's convinced good things happen and life is all the better compared to being 5.

One thing that Mailee was adamant about having happen before she turned 6 was losing her first tooth.  Everyone in the world apparently looses their first tooth before they turn 6 and she was just so very worried this wasn't going to be the case with her.
 Well, yesterday she got an early birthday present.  She lost her first tooth!  She kept reminding me over and over that she lost it before she turned 6 

I am glad she did lose her tooth.  We joked about taking her in to the Vet hospital and have one pulled just to have her stop talking and fretting over losing her tooth before 6.
Speaking of courage...this is how Mailee lost her tooth.

I went to check on the kids in the playroom and noticed Mailee biting on the bouncy balls we have.  She looked like she was in pain but kept biting the ball.  When I asked her what she was doing she explained, huge grin on her face, that when she bites down on the ball her tooth bends and bleeds.

Maybe I should've told her not to do it, but instead I said  "Cool!" and walked out of the room.

Twenty minutes later I hear noises coming from the bathroom.  Of course it's Mailee, wincing and making the faintest cries of pain (mingled with frustration with a few tablespoons of stubborn) while attempting to pull that baby tooth out.

I asked her if she wanted help and she just asked me to please leave and shut the door.

Five minutes later loud cries of triumph could be heard anywhere in the house I'm sure.  She had lost her tooth.

"Mom!  I ripped that sucker right out!  Look at all the blood!  I am awesome!  You have to take a picture!"
Jonas observing his older sister aka  hero, aka person he loves to bug relentlessly, loose her tooth kept asking Mailee to help him.  Putting her  arm around him and guiding him into the playroom I could hear her explain how to go about the process of getting a tooth out.

I followed and listened, then laughed when I saw this:
After laughing at the sight and hearing Mailee genuinely attempting to make Jonas have a "wiggle-y tooth" I had to explain that he had a few more years before he'd get his first "wiggle-y tooth".
Walking out of playroom I heard Mailee whisper to a sad Jonas, "It's okay chubby buddy, it won't hurt to give it a try one more time.  I won't tell Mama...".

Gumption folks...and SASS!

Happy Birthday Mailee!  We love you to the moon and beyond!



William said...

Way to go Mailee!!! Jonas is in for many more experiences with Maillee around!! Happy Birthday Smiley (thoothless) Mailee!! Love ya!

Anne-Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Mailee! How is she 6?? OIY, I miss those days we were all next door! I'm glad she had a great day! :)