Thursday, August 16, 2012

{The First}

The first day of school was a success.  The kids felt prepared, didn't act too tired getting up at 6:00, despite the 107 degree temp they managed to not melt away at recess/lunch and came home with smiles on their faces.

I asked the girls a few questions about their first day.

What was your favorite part of today?
Doing math because it was fun and exciting and I learned something new.  I also really loved coming home after school and eating donuts and telling you about my day Mom.  You should've seen your face when I told you that YOU had homework.

How did you feel walking into school?
Really cool.  I mean, my Tom's are super cute!  I was a tiny bit nervous but that's okay, school is a big deal!
How is your teacher?
She is really happy.  She is peach (I'm guessing Caucasian), blonde with short hair and very nice.  She's been with the school since 2002 - that's 12 years!  She has a dog.

What did you play at recess?
I went on the swings and I also played on the big toy with my friends Victoria, Katie, Kaylin and Amy.  We kind of just chilled after playing "Alligators" because it was super hot.


What was your favorite part of today?
Ummm...recess. Oh wait...drawing my back to school book.  Also, seeing you after school.  I missed ya!

How did you feel walking into school?
Sort of excited, sorta of happy and just a small part of me was nervous, until I remembered I am awesome just like you said Mom!

How is your teacher?
He is awesome...pretty fun.  Oh and he's super funny. He drew a picture of himself and it looked soo funny so we all started to laugh.  He's crazy...but in a good way not in a super weird way.

What did you play at recess?
We raced...and then I poked my eye, but don't worry, I didn't cry, it was just a little "beep" (pokes her eye).  I kept on winning the races, even with my pokey eye...every kid I kept on huh?
 One day down...many more to go.


whitneyingram said...

These girls of yours, they are so witty and cute. They will do such great things in their lives.

I mean, with cute Tom's, you are unstoppable!

Hays said...

I LOVE this! What awesome girls you have!

William said...

Glad to see they had a good, safe, and enjoyable time. Mailee's comment about beating everyone running reminds me of you....even beating the boys!!! Do they get to see each other during lunch and recess? They are so close and such good friends I bet they enjoy being in school together.

Leilani G said...

You have the most awesome girls ever! Seriously. You and Bret are such great parents. Thank you for sharing the special moments in your life. Miss you and Love you!