Sunday, August 12, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 70}

Though we will continue to go on our Sunday evening walks until the "dark death" comes and makes it dark before 5 p.m., this is our last Sunday evening walk before school starts on Wednesday!

Soon the days of freedom and late nights of staying out or staying up will come to an end.  Mixed emotions for this upcoming school year beginning.

For now, we are enjoying the last bits of Summer freedom as much as possible.

p.s.look at my SUPER flat feet.  OUCH!

p.p.s. So very sad that the Olympics are coming to an least we have Shark Week  this coming week to help ease my Olympic withdrawals.


brittany said...

you seriously have the cutest kids and your pictures are always dreamy. i can't believe we are all sending our kids back to school already!

Meg said...

can't wait for your back to school post. I love seeing other families' traditions and themes for the year and how they get their kids excited about it! I got creative and ordered some cheap bronze charms and bracelets on etsy for my girls to help them remember the theme for the year. I won't lie...I mostly did it because they were freaking cute, but the fact that they fit our theme was nice, too.