Thursday, August 02, 2012

{Mai's day - recap}

It's tradition to have the kids help make their birthday cake.  They enjoy doing it and I look forward to the conversation that happens while we bake, frost and taste.

This year Mailee requested chocolate cake, with purple frosting and flowers.  We went with a small 5 inch round cake so there was just enough and no left overs - after indulging in 2 other birthdays cakes in the last 10 days I think no leftover cake is a welcome idea.
The day was spent as a family.  Mailee chose to go to the movies and watch the new Ice Age movie, then come home and play board games, apply loads of play make up on their faces, and play with the massive amount of balloons all over the floor. 

She was able to go to a friend's birthday party later on in the afternoon, then left a bit early so we could go to dinner in Palm Springs.  Mailee invited her little friend Nani to come along for dinner and have cake.
After dinner we came home and opened up presents.  Mailee loved all her presents but, as you can tell in the picture, was very excited that she got her own iPod Touch.  Apparently when she gets excited she wants to eat things...
 What's a birthday at our house without a sparkler number candle? 
The Happy Birthday song was sung, and the cake was cut and devoured.  Homemade cake trumps store bought cake every time - unless of course it's from one of the three bakeries we love, then it's a tie.

Mailee chose to wait and do our birthday wish balloons until we are at our family reunion so that she could have more wishes.  Smart girl.

The night ended with a birthday blessing from Bret and a proclamation from the birthday girl that the day was a success.
This morning while telling the girls to gather things to take with us on vacation Mailee was excited to bring along a few of her birthday gifts. 

I smiled when I looked inside her new bag.  Mailee explained to me the contents were essential for our trip:  A picture of her favorite girls, lip gloss so she can look like a rock star, money for shave ice and toys, and her touch so she can "play games, take pictures, chill to some music and not be super-duper bored in the car".

I love this girl!


Sarah said...

Adorable! You can tell she's been watching the olympics - biting her present! Lol! Where do you get the adorable number sparklers?

Sol said...

happy birthday Mailee! I hope it was amazing