Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{Be Awesome}

Last night we had our traditional breakfast for dinner the night before school starts.
It's something the kids look forward to probably more for the sugar cereal (which is a treat at our house), donuts and a yummy fruit salad thrown in for some sort of healthy, then for the reasons Bret and I look forward to it.

Before eating I introduced our word we chose for this school year.  It's a phrase/word we use a lot anyway with the kids and just felt it needed to be the word this year.
Be Awesome
Be awesome in your school work
Be awesome in your interactions with those around you
Be awesome in knowing your worth regardless of what others might say
Be awesome in listening
Be awesome in giving your all
 When we asked what "Be Awesome" meant, Mailee yelled out "It awesome of course!".  

It's a good thing we elaborated on what the word awesome meant and what we expected them to learn from this phrase.  
I hope that my children, all three, know and realize how awesome they are.  At the beginning of every school year I always have a bit of hurt and worry in my heart for my kids.

Will they be okay?  Will they make and keep good friends?  Will they be the best they can be?  Will they love school? 

It's okay for me to worry about these things, but I do know how awesome my kids are and just want to send them away from the shelter of their home filled with confidence, courage, love, respect and awesomeness.
Happy new school year!


The Smith Family said...

That is...well, AWESOME!! I might have to use this. You are a great mom! Good luck to the girls on their first day of school!!

{natalie} said...

love your colorful table!

Debbi said...

Love your theme! Judging from the pictures of thr fashion show, I'm pretty sure your girls know how awesome they are:). Those pictures cracked me up. Good luck today!