Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Gepubliceerd (published)}

 If you happen to get the Dutch parenting Ouders Van Nu (what?  you don't live in the Netherlands!?) and look through it you might come across this cute little mug:
 The captions basically provide a recommendation to get a back-up blanket/lovey if your child is attached to one.  That way they won't be sad when it needs to be washed.
When Jonas saw the pictures he kept laughing and pointing to the pictures, then back to himself, while proudly saying "Me!  Jonas!".

If you would like his autograph I'm sure he'd be more than happy to come over and write on your walls...


Mike and Karisty said...

I want his Herbie Hancock! That is so cool!

anorton said...

Very Cool!

Courtney said...

How awesome is that?!! Seriously cool!

I'm so glad I have the internet now and can actually look at your blog! I sure loved seeing you guys and wish I could see you more often. Love ya!