Friday, August 31, 2012


{8.25.12 - 11 year anniversary}

01. I had intentions to write a post about our anniversary evening spent in LA.  Instead I'll sum it up for you:
A.mazing food at the French restaurant Kendalls Brassiere - we're talking artisanal cheese plate and charcuterie selection, Steak Frites (the steak was cut with my butter knife), summer squash, haricots verts and artichoke hearts, and for dessert...chocolate fondant cake with pistachio ice cream, espresso sauce and berries.  HEAVEN.  

With bellies full and a smiles on our faces (and holding hands of course...hello...anniversary) we headed over to the theater to watch Mary Poppins.  A fantastic evening.

Both Bret and I have confessed that we've thought of that place more than once this past week.  We shall return Kendall's...mark my words!

02. We are looking forward to the long weekend.  Shopping, BBQ with friends, spending time with family, and relaxing will all be happening.

03. With family pictures coming up I've been having fun putting together outfit boards with different pieces of clothing for each member of our family.

What, you don't do that?!?

You should.  It's how you get great coordination, pattern and colors in outfits AND you don't buy clothes you don't need or end up not using.  Not too matchy-matchy please.

Word of advice though...don't assume your husband will think it's just as fun...because he won't.
04. Around this time of year I always start to crave peaches.  Peaches and cream, peaches and ice cream, peaches and granola, peach get the idea.

I wish I had vast amounts of land where peach trees went for miles, with raspberry bushes interspersed and a large chocolate factory somewhere on the property (oompa-loompa's optional).

05. I keep thinking it's time to begin potty training Jonas.  He was showing interest in the Summer but with our crazy Summer schedule I knew it would be best to wait until school started.

The only thing making me have a desire to begin this horrible task is knowing I will never, ever, have to do this again.

Motivation?  Yes...but...depending on the day that's just not enough.

Any tips on potty training a boy?


jessiewessie said...

Don't do it. Ever. Your bathrooms will never be the same. Diapers until he leaves the house. If you aren't insane like me and want to go ahead, my best tip is vinegar around the toilet and floor to clean up spills. It's the only thing I've found to actually neutralize the pee smell and not make your bathroom smell like pee covered up by cleaners. I let Ryan potty train the boys. Just seems like daddy knows more about the doodle than I do and it's easier to follow daddy's example.

Michelle said...

The most interesting thing I've ever seen relating to potty training is that my aunt had my cousin sit on the toilet backwards, facing the tank, and aim his little buddy down into the bowl. this I'm sure helped with cleanliness and probably learning to aim... Hope that helps? :)

Amy Wysocki said...

I actually taught both boys to go pee sitting down. It was easier when we went out and about since I was usually the one taking them to the bathroom. You don't have to worry about their privates touching/resting on the bowl this way. It was also helpful when they had to poo. Once they have mastered potty training, then teach them to stand up. Just my two cents. :-)