Thursday, August 23, 2012


 (Just the two of us, visiting Bret's work after running errands)

01. I feel so odd running around town with just one kid.  I find myself looking around for my girls, with the sentence "Come on girls, keep up!" at the tip of my tongue, ready to be used.

I do, however, enjoy being just with my little man.  His personality and animated facial expressions kill me.

02. Bubble wrap is still on my top ten list for things that keep kids entertained.  I'm all about cheap entertainment.

03.I just signed Ella up for piano lessons. Though I'm  glad we found a great teacher for her I am shocked at how much piano lessons cost these days.  I remember my parents paying $30 a month when I took lessons, now it's more than double that! 

It's pricey, but learning how to play and read notes is so valuable and can be used for the rest of her life.

Yes, I can teach them...but I won't.  They will learn better from someone least at the beginning.

Mailee will continue to have mini lessons from me here and there until she's 8.

04. Trader Joes edamame hummus spread on a wrap with grilled chicken (or turkey lunch meat) with some cucumber and carrot = amazing.

05. Saturday Bret and I will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary.  Our plans for an over night stay to Catalina have been postponed so instead I've planned (it's my year to plan) a fun evening in LA. 

Shopping, dinner and Mary Poppins at the Ahmanson theater.

11 years seems like a pretty good chunk of time but really, we're still in our marriage infancy...and enjoying every (well almost every) minute of it.

06. Jonas is adjusting quite well to having the house to himself.  He's already put the girls toothbrushes in the toilet (a favorite place for him to put things), poured out the contents in both girls jewelry boxes, and is, as I type, laying on Ella's bed reading her book.

07. I am ready for Fall.  Cooler weather will be very welcomed.  Unfortunately, living in Southern California, that is months away. 

08. I thought getting up at 5 was going to be difficult.  It's not...unless I go to bed after 11:30, then I'm a beast.  The adjustment hasn't been to getting up early, it's been to going to bed earlier.

09. I need all the Fall shows to be starting now, and not in a month.  I've resorted to watching "Stars Earn Stripes" and there's only so much Nick Lachey I can handle.

10. Family pictures have been booked and date has been set.  Now to undergo the challenging task of what all of us will wear.  It's a process.

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Delcie said...

Piano lessons are awesome for kids and I'm going to be sad when we have to leave St. Louis and our awesome piano teacher. She's the cutest grandma and it's only 5 bucks a lesson. She's super busy and teaches over 60 students - that's a lot for a little old lady. Anyway, I'm glad you found Ella a teacher.