Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{Berry Picking}

Saturday we headed up to Snow-Line to pick raspberries.  We've been doing this since we moved here to California and it has become a tradition we all look forward to.

We were in such a hurry to get up there before it got too hot and have some donuts for breakfast that I forgot my camera!  It's a problem I've been having lately .  Knowing I wanted to be sure and have pictures of our 2012 Raspberry picking my phone would have to do.  

My apologies for those who follow me on Instagram as some of these pictures are repeats from there.
Once there we purchased 6 pints and headed to the raspberry patch.  Each bush in the patch was swollen with deep red berries just waiting for us to come and pick them.
I believe the berry picking ratio went something like this...1 berry in the mouth for every 3 picked.  It's a good ratio. 
Once all the baskets were full to overflowing we headed back to get some donuts and apple cider. 

We did some taste testing of all the different varieties of delicious apples and bought a gallon of their homemade raspberry apple cider while our donuts were cooked on the spot.
 Warm, delicious and fresh.  There is no better donut around these parts in my opinion.
 It was such a fun outing to do with the kids.  It was our anniversary that day and both Bret and I agreed that spending some time with our kids on our special day made it even better (although, spending the evening as just the two of us was quite enjoyable as well - more on that in another post).
After licking the cinnamon sugar off our hands from the donuts, we packed up and headed back down.  

The kids and I made 20 jars of jam from the berries we picked that day.  The jam has been devoured on bread, waffles, pancakes and over ice cream.  

I thought 20 jars would last a while, but at the rate we're going we might just have to make another trip up the mountain soon.  I don't think anyone of us would complain if we did.

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Jessica said...

We are loving the jam! So good :)