Monday, August 27, 2012


We decided that it made more sense to have Ella's baptism in St. George, Utah.  A lot of Bret's family lives there and my family was going to be visiting there for our family reunion.

It was a bit crazy that morning.  I was playing the piano, as well as singing with my mom and some of my sister-in-laws, and planned on meeting early that morning to run through the song.

Because I had to play and practice singing, my photo taking/documenting of this occasion was severely lacking, but we did manage to get a few pictures of the day.
 The room was filled with family.  Ella was so happy to have all of them there and was very concerned that as many as possible would be able to participate that day.
I have a picture of myself and my dad that is very similar to this one.  When I looked at this picture I finally realized that yes, my children do have parts of me in them.
We headed across the street from the church to quickly take some pictures.  I wanted to be sure and get at least a few pictures that day, and will take some more professional looking pictures sometime soon...when I have some free time.
 It was a great day, surrounded by family members who all love Ella.  Ella is a very special, kind-hearted little girl, whom we love and are so very proud to call ours.


Melia said...

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful girl.

brittany said...

she looks beautiful! how wonderful that so many family members were there.

Cristy said...

What a sweet beautiful girl! I love that photo with all of the family - sad we couldn't be there!!! We are so proud of her and the great decision to join the church. We are so grateful that families can be together forever and that she will forever be part of ours. Love you Ella!

William said...

That truly was a great day! Glad we could be there and participate. Love ya!

Cassie said...

Love that last picture, what a treasure and great idea!!!