Sunday, July 01, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 66}

 This morning our house became quiet and less fun once again, as our weekend visitors left tired and sun tanned (or in a few cases sunburned).  We love visitors!

The rest of this day was spent as any other Sunday goes for us.  Church and family time. 

For dinner we had breakfast for dinner (waffles with strawberries and cream)...the usual dinner we have when we are too tired or lazy to make anything else.  It's also a meal we know all 3 kids will eat.

Both Bret and I were too tired to go for an evening walk so we turned on a movie and dozed off and on while the kids watched.

I'm positive bedtime for all will be an early one tonight.  In fact, as I type this Bret is asleep on the floor with a few toy wooden train tracks in his hand.  He better enjoy the peaceful moment he's in because I'm sure once Jonas sees Bret's sleeping instead of building a super cool train track, he will be jarred from his slumber in a not so pleasant way.

Happy Sunday.

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Cristy said...

Hahaha! I can totally see Bret on the floor asleep holding the tracks - great imagery! We're to tired to go for a walk EVERY Sunday these days. ;)