Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{She's 8}

I haven't had time to take Ella out and do her birthday pictures (which will be posted later of course), but I wanted to post a quick birthday recap of her day.
  Birthday cake, banners and balloons greeted the little miss when she woke up.
 Bowling with our family and her best friend was what she wanted to do.  I love keeping birthday's simple, and focused on the birthday girl/boy.  
 After bowling she decided instead of going out to eat somewhere (we had already eaten at Red Table and Ruby's earlier in the week, both are her favorite places to eat out) she decided she wanted me to make her favorite dinner.

Her cousins and Aunt Amy were able to be here to help celebrate as well, and joined us in our traditional balloon birthday wishes.
 Jonas aka Sweaty Head McGee wasn't too happy to let his wish fly high in the sky.
Birthday presents were opened.  Her reaction to getting her new iPod Touch didn't disappoint.  She couldn't believe it.
 What is a birthday celebration without birthday cake?  I really enjoy making the birthday cakes...it's a tradition!!  Like I always remind them, they cakes are perfectly imperfect.

Ella requested her usual...chocolate cake, custard filling and butter cream frosting.  This year she wanted it turquoise or aqua - her favorite color.
 After the cake she wanted to have a movie night and watch "The Smurfs".  It was fun to hear the kids giggling at the movie and it made us happy to see how happy Ella was.  

I can not believe my oldest child is 8!  Time really does fly.  

This sweet girl is an amazing little lady.  She's kind, emotional, very intelligent, caring and quiet unless she wants to be heard.  

We love her to the moon and beyond.


Taylor K said...

Happy Birthday Ella! See you soon, I hope. xo

Sol said...

Happy Birthday Ella. I hope you had an amazing day.



Cristy said...

Happy Birthday to the coolest little girl who is really not so little! Yay for 8!! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with her on her special day - and also wish we could be there for her baptism. :( We are so proud of her. She is growing up to be such a wonderful little lady. (Kudos to Mom and Dad too!) Jonas and Mailee are so lucky to have her as an older sister. Happy Birthday sweet sweet Ella!!

William said...

Can hardly wait to see you next week at the family reunion! Erica....I got a great laugh out of envisioning you do your pirate sounds no matter where you were. I remember you making noises in the car too....usually at times least expected!!! hahahahaha