Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{San Diego}

What do you do when you discover that you remembered your nice camera but not the battery?  Take pictures with your phone and document the trip as best you can using Instagram.

We decided to spend a day down in San Diego (check that off the Summer List).  When Bret saw the shirt I was wearing for the day he made some smart joke about me being a pirate (see the stripes) and continued to talk to me in "Pirate" for most of the day...encouraging the kids to do so as well.
The joke was on him and the kids however, when I decided to embrace the whole pirate thing and randomly during the trip scream "Arrrrgh!!" - in public places and in the car.

See my face in the picture...that's me saying "Might as well embrace it!".
 Our first stop was The Mormon Battalion.  I highly recommend checking this place out...regardless of religion.  It's a historic site and though Mormon missionaries volunteer there, their main purpose is to tell the history of the Battalion and how it influenced many things.  Religion is not pushed on visitors.

The tour is awesome, not to mention free.  The picture frames of people move and talk (think Hogwarts/Harry Potter) and take you on a journey the Battalion took.

It's short, informational and entertaining.  Plus it's located in Old Town so after visiting you can stroll down Old Town (like we did) and check out the shops, etc.
 After the tour portion there is a place to take an old time photo (which is printed for you and can be emailed - free of charge), look up names on the Battalion, and see artifacts.

Outside the kids can pan for gold, pretend to be brick makers and climb up the tower to see all of Old Town with binoculars.

Check out the Mormon Battalion next time you're in San won't regret it.
After visiting Old Town we were hungry.  The kids chose California Pizza Kitchen, even though we tried hard to sway their vote to a yummy Mexican restaurant in Old Town.

Though CPK isn't novel the pizza I ordered that day was amazing and has become my new favorite!  Next time you're at CPK get the Tricolore salad pizza with ceasar dressing, add grilled chicken and get honey whole wheat for the crust.  A.MAZING!

I attempted to order my pizza in "Pirate" but couldn't get through ordering without laughing.  Bret was pretty red with embarrassment.  That'll teach him to make fun of my outfit ;)
For dessert we hit up Sprinkles cupcakes.  I know some might disagree, but I like these better than Magnolia Bakery cupcakes...something about the frosting consistency and the perfect density of the cake that Sprinkles cupcakes offer.   

Coconut, Black & White, yellow with chocolate frosting, red velvet with cream cheese frosting...GET IN MY BELLY!

When Bret asked how I liked my cupcake I responded with a hearty pirate growl, despite the people around us.  I didn't want Bret to think I had forgotten I was a Pirate.

My kids are all about the most kids are.  They offer frosting shots!  Genius! 
 After filling our bellies with cupcake goodness and getting a few more for the road we decided to do a little shopping.

We gave the girls each $20 to spend.  Of course everything they saw they said they wanted, but finally decided on cool necklaces from a surf shop and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works (what?).

It was really fun getting to do a little shopping, visiting some of my favorite stores - Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Crate and Barrel, Tiffany's, The Container Store and of course every surf and watch shop for Bret.
It was quite the fun filled day down in San Diego.  The kids all fell asleep about ten minutes after we got in the car to head home.

I didn't want to wake the kids by shouting "Arghhhh!" so I opted to text Bret....multiple times.  That's when we decided to call a truce and stop with the Pirate remarks/banter.

Until next time San Diego...ARRRGH!


Kalli said...

Laugh! That's my cousin Whitney in the 2nd pic (the sister missionary). She just got home a few days ago.

Heather said...

HAHA! The pirate "fight" is hilariously awesome. I love the dynamic between you and Bret.