Thursday, July 26, 2012

{Dino Fun}

It's always fun to take visitors to the most random rest stop around these parts.  We decided to make a visit with our cousins that were visiting.

Drive on I-10 towards Palm Springs or coming from Palm Springs and you will see 2 massive dinosaurs on the side of the road.

It's just such a random sight.  You must stop and check it out.

I'm no Pee-Wee Herman fan (he creeps me out on so many levels), but if you've seen his movie
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" you will recognize this park.  Click {HERE} to see the part of the movie that I'm referring to (the dinosaur's are also in a Tear for Fears music video and a few other movies).
 You can go inside the Brontosaurus and look around the gift shop located inside the dinosaur but if you want to see any of the other robotic dino's and go inside the T-Rex you need to pay.

 Kids spend time in the "Dino Dig" where you can discover fossils and try to find rocks with dinosaur names/pictures on them that can be turned in for a free prize.
Walking around there are dinosaurs.  Some move, blink and make noise.
You can pan for fossilized teeth, crystals, coral, etc.   There is a chart with all the different "treasures" you can find while panning that helps you identify what you've found.

My kids always end up filling their little plastic baggies up to the brim.  We've found shark teeth and arrow heads before.
At the end of the exhibit you can go inside the T-Rex and climb all the way up to his mouth. You can look out between his teeth and see the view.

This visit was Jonas' first time.  He was in heaven and kept pointing out all the dinosaurs and "Roarrrring!" as we walked a long.
 The kids have yet to grow bored of this random dino exhibit on the side of I-10, so we keep going back.  If you're ever in these parts and spot these dino's from the freeway, pull off and make a visit.  There's fast food places nearby and benches to rest and eat.

We've taken a picnic before along with our portable DVD player and watched "Land Before Time" while sitting by the dinosaurs.  It was an instant hit with the kids.

Hooray for random places!


Meg said...

I remember stopping at that place when I was a kid!

And peewee? ew. agreed. The creep factor tops the charts, there.

Sarah B. said...

Thanks for the advice....we stopped by on our way home from Palm Springs. Unfortunately I was super sick so I let them go up the Brontosaurus and buy something and we headed out but they said we are stopping and doing the whole thing next summer. :)