Tuesday, July 03, 2012

{Chore Store}

The kids were very excited when I announced that the Chore Store would be open for business.  They have been busy doing chores in the time allotted and looking to go the extra mile whenever they could so they would have a good amount of tickets saved up. (To read more info about the tickets click HERE).
They watched as I decided what goodies/treasures I would decide to use for this particular store day, and eagerly anticipated being able to hear how much each item cost.

It was fun to hear them talk to each other about what they wanted and what to actually get.  I think at one point they were trying to get Jonas to combine his tickets with them, but he wasn't going to have any of it...he wanted a glow stick and there was no way he was going to share.
In the end, after asking how much each item cost at least twice, they finally spent some of their hard earned tickets. 

Mailee got a strawberry soda (Ramune soda's are so fun!) and spent most of her tickets on the high priced Paint By Number kit. 

Ella decided to buy a couple items that were less in cost and save up most of her tickets in hope to buy the Wii game next time the store is open. 

She ended up getting a strawberry soda and Lipsmacker lip gloss.

The store was a success for all.  The kids are learning the value of working hard for something, seeing things around the house that needs to be done and doing them, and having fun while doing it.

They can't wait for the store to open again!


Meg said...

You're going to love the tangled wii game. My girls got it recently and it provided HOURS of entertainment. Even corbin just sits there and stares at the screen while the girls play. Any toy that can give hours of total silence from all three kids is money well spent!

Lesley said...

This is just amazing. My 4 year old daughter was looking at these with me and she said "Can I buy something? I'll do whatever chores you want!" SOLD. Not sure how well she'll actually do them, but it's great to see she might respond well to something like this.

Thanks for the idea!