Thursday, July 12, 2012


01. Jonas is strong willed and stubborn (wonder where he gets that from?!).  Lately his favorite words are "Nope" and "Mine!".  He's been a challenge the past few days, but then I see him in these glasses or succumb to his request to give me a "juicy kiss" and all is forgiven.  I could I not?!

02.Ella got her ears pierced.  We had her wait until she was 8, then make the choice whether or not she wanted to get them done then.  Of course she wanted them pierced...until it came time to do it.

She would be brave until the lady got an inch or so to her ear and then she would block the lady's hand and yell "Don't touch me!", then when the lady would move away she would put her hands down and say "Ok, I'm ready". 

This whole process of "Don't touch me!" and "Ok, I'm ready" went on for a few minutes until I finally stepped and told the lady just to do it - such a kind mom!

Once the first ear was pierced and Ella saw how easy and painless it was she just sat and smiled and told the lady to do the other one.

The lady was grateful she didn't pee everywhere like a previous customer had.  I was grateful for that too.

03.Grover Birthday Extravaganza starts next week with Bret's birthday.  I knew it was going to get crazy this year with our schedule and birthday celebrations/preparations so I did it early. 

No one is allowed in my closet.  I hide the presents there, and by hide I mean just put them on the floor in there, in plain sight.  I'm lazy about hiding gifts.

Speaking of gifts I'm going to have to have my sister-in-law grab another package of toffee from Disneyland for Bret when she goes next week.  The package I got him  for his birthday has been me.  That's what I get for planning so far ahead and getting the toffee last month.

The toffee was calling my name.  It's amazing toffee.
04.Speaking of time you're at California Pizza Kitchen order the Tricolore salad pizza, add grilled chicken and have it made with a honey wheat crust. 

Just typing this out has my mouth watering.  It's my new favorite there.  I think about it at least once a day.

05.Squirt guns provide lots of fun for long periods of time.  The kids played outside from 12-4 yesterday, with half of that time spent playing "Save the world!" using their squirt guns and the other half of the time enjoying their long lost bath toys that have been under their bathroom sink for months.

I'm a huge advocate of putting away toys for months and then bringing them back out again.  It's like Christmas.

06.After doing Jonas' hair, I took him down off the counter and placed him on the floor.  He turned around, gave my bum a few pats and said "Thanks boot-ti-ful (beautiful)!".

It was pretty funny.  I guess seeing Bret do the same thing to me throughout the day made him think it was okay.

07.I informed Bret that I was going to run to Target today with the kids.  His response =  "Good luck with all 3 kids, and try to control yourself".

He knows me so well.

08.Now that I'm all caught up with editing pictures and taking a little break for the rest of the Summer from new sessions I am looking forward to reading.  I've always got a pretty long list going on but am open to suggestions of books always. 

Have any books I need to add to my list?


whitneyingram said...

I am finishing up "Tender At The Bone" by Ruth Reichle. It is so so good. It's a food read. I love a good food read.

If you want another good food read, try Julia Child's "My Life in France". I was devastated when it was over. I just wanted the book to go on forever.

Meg said...

I loved saving ceecee honeycutt and I'm reading A girl named zippy right now...both great summer reads!

if you haven't read the book thief or these is my words yet, get on it! excellent literature

mary elizabeth said...

oh my goodness, that picture of the three with their water guns... sooooo cute!!!

Carrie said...

If you like teen fiction the Gallagher Girls series is really fun. Also The Same Kind of Different as Me is an awesome uplifting book.

I am now craving CPK. I might have to go there tonight.

Sarah said...

Love that Ella got her ears pierced and that she was freaking out :)

I have heard so many great things about The Night Circus. Haven't read it myself but it's at the top of my list.

Also, love your little bum slapper, ha!