Friday, July 06, 2012


I realized I'm not doing a good job at documenting our Summer.  We have done a lot, most of which has not been documented due to lack of desire or no time.

As I was scrolling through old posts with my kids, a favorite past time for them (they pick a date and we look and see what we were doing on/around that time), it was clear to me that my lack of posting will provide a large hole in the journaling portion of this blog, which is what I actually started this blog for.

I must do better documenting our lives if I am going to rely on this as a record for our family.

And on that note....

Here's a short recap of our Independence Day festivities:
Wearing patriotic colors on the 4th is a must in our family.  I'm usually sporting red, white and blue a few days before and after the 4th as well.

The morning was spent at a breakfast potluck at a local park with friends.  Good food and conversation, as always, were enjoyed.

On our way to the potluck, while in the car, I tried to explained (yet again) to our kids why we celebrate today and why I am grateful for our country.

In the middle of me explaining, tears welling up in my eyes, I know for dramatic effect...when Mailee screamed "LOOK A CHIPMUNK!!!".  Here's to hoping they got something out of my little patriotic speech.

After the morning festivities we came home, popped some popcorn and watched "We Bough a Zoo" (a very good movie).  All of us then took a well needed nap after spending multiple days in a row playing hard and long into the night.

We headed up to a BBQ our friends were hosting.  There the kids enjoyed games,a balloon artist, got their faces painted and ate too much candy.
Bellies full of food, faces painted and sticky with candy, we headed home.  We took out the bikes and longboard and rode around until friends came to enjoy sparklers a few a fireworks in our cul-de-sac.
   Once friends arrived we burned through my Sparkler stash (note to self: replenish stash).  Sparklers always make me smile.
 One of our friends had a few fountain type fireworks which we were able to enjoy.  I sure missed the days where we could light fireworks on the front sidewalk, making our own "Sidewalk of Fire". 
The night ended with watching the city's firework show on the hillside by our house.

I would like to say that the firework show was spent "ooh-ing and aw-ing" over the beauty of it, while tearing up with pride for my country (which usually is the case - I love my country something fierce), but truth be told, it was spent trying to get our kids comfortable and content enough to sit down and watch.

It was a wonderful holiday, celebrating our country with friends and our little family.

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brittany said...

Ella is looking so tall and grown up to me in your recent pictures. Your kids are beautiful. I always love reading your posts and seeing your pictures.