Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{Ticket please}

 During the school year and until our Disneyland passes are blacked out for the Summer months our kids earn Disney Dollars.  If they go above and beyond what is expected of them to do around the house by just being part of the family and living in the home they earn these dollars.

Bret and I declare it a "Disney Dollar day" on one of our monthly visits to The Happiest Place on Earth.  We can go months before we declare it such a trip or we can do it twice in a's up to us and the kids never know.

Disney Dollars can be taken away as well if bad behavior, disrespect, etc. occurs.

Now that our passes are no longer effective and they know that they won't be going until the end of August I needed something in place as a reward system for my kids.

My sister-in-law had shared an idea she was trying to implement with tickets and chores at her house.  The system sounded similar to what we already had in place, and after thinking about it decided to sort of incorporate this system mixed with ours for the Summer months.
My kids have a set of daily chores they are expected to do.  They are given 2 tickets if these chores are done by 8:00.  They are given 1 ticket if these are accomplished by 8:30.  At 8:45 they don't get any tickets and pay us 1 ticket.

Additional tickets can be earned if they go above and beyond their regular "because you're part of the family and you must contribute" chores.

Things like weeding the back hill for 30 minutes, sweeping out the garage, cleaning the baseboards, washing the front of the cupboards, etc.

Once a month we open up the "Family Store" where they can use their tickets to purchase things (or save them).  I have accumulated over the past year or so fun little trinkets, treats, toys, games and DVD's that have been kept hidden.

Each item has a price, ranging from 3 tickets to larger prizes (ice cream with a parent, movie at The Fox, Wii Games etc.) that cost A LOT more tickets (45+ tickets).

So far so good with this system.  It might be a little too early to tell but when it was introduced my kids were ALL OVER IT!!

If this system works well I just might keep it going once our passes to Disneyland can be used again and each ticket will = 1 Disney Dollar.

What we hope to accomplish with this is for them to get into a good routine of accomplishing tasks, learning how "save",  being more aware of what they can do beyond their normal, everyday tasks, feel good about themselves when they follow through and enjoy their hard earned rewards.

Do you have a reward system that works for you?

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Songbook said...

I love this idea! It's a little early for me to be implementing a reward system, but this idea is going in my notes for great ideas for when I have older kids.