Sunday, June 10, 2012

{Sunday photographs - 63}

My kids love maps and globes. It's no surprise to us that they do since both Bret and I love them too...well that, and also the fact that I have a lot of globes and maps around the house.

This newly acquired wall map has been given plenty of attention since its arrival a couple weeks ago. They use it to decide where their next spy adventure will be, or where the princess/bad guy/hero/dragon/zombies/vampires live.

Our hope is that some day we can begin to take our kids to places on the maps and globes they love so much.

Today was a typical Sunday.  Church in the morning.  Mailee gave a talk and I sang in Sacrament meeting.  We are now just relaxing at home while Jonas sleeps.  Dinner will be leftover ribs from yesterday and strawberry short cake for dessert.  Then a Sunday evening walk with friends.

Happy Sunday!

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mary elizabeth said...

your kiddos are just so darn cute! and i am pretty sure i want their wardrobes! :)