Sunday, June 24, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 65}

I love this moment I captured today.  A typical scene around here.

Ella playing a game on my Kindle Fire, in her world, always oblivious to anything around her when playing.  Mailee loving her new treasure (harmonica) she bought with her own money yesterday, and Jonas, wanting to play with whatever Mailee has.

In the first picture you can tell that Mailee wasn't too keen on letting him try out the harmonica, but I knew to give her about two minutes...just enough time for her "Little Mama" side to kick in and teach him the art of blowing in a harmonica.

He got the harmonica to make noise.  They both laughed.  Mailee then went and washed out the harmonica which was covered with Jonas spit.

Today was a good day...Sunday's usually are.  We enjoyed the company of good friends and good food...what more do you need?

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