Sunday, June 03, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 62}

Today the kids didn't want to really sit and let me take their picture.

As you can see in the photographs above they weren't amused at all with having a camera stuck in their faces...I don't blame them.

Today was a great day. The weather was gorgeous and we got to spend a day together as a family, which is rare on Sundays. We spent a lot of time outside, which will probably be an every evening sort of thing from now until it gets too cold.

We went on a Sunday walk with our good friends and then came back to our place so the kids could play with our new pet tortoise.

 I asked for name suggestions on Facebook for the new addition, and though some were good, in the end I came up with the name.

 Meet Chuck Norris the Tortoise.

Yes, we have already made some pretty awesome Chuck Norris statements/jokes and I'm sure this will continue...always.

I have to say I really love this new pet. It's easy to take care of and super low maintenance...and just like Chuck Norris the human, who has a third fist hiding beneath his beard, we're pretty sure that Chuck Norris the Tortoise has a third fist hiding in his shell.

Hehe. Sorry, I had to. Just be glad I didn't write any more of the Chuck Norris jokes I know.


Melia said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name! Also, the furniture. Also the adorable kiddos!

brittany said...

love love love the patio furniture, and the name for the tortoise!