Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{Summer list 2012}

Last year I posted about our Summer list. It proved to be a successful way to plan our activities for the Summer and made our Summer so fun.  Of course I had to do it again this year.

Posting it in place where we were all sure to see it many times a day helps me plan ahead so the activities listed can be done and gives us something to look forward to.

Being able to check off things on the list is very satisfying as well and it allows the kids to see how much they are doing in the Summer.

I can't wait to get started!

A few of these will be marked off by the end of the week...how's that for a good start?!

 Check back tomorrow to see another idea I've come up with for Summer chores and rewards. It's a simple and effective way (at least in our family) to get things done around the house.


{natalie} said...

we have been working on our list as well. we left last years' list up all year last year on the chalkboard in our crafty room. i love seeing all the CA places on your list, it makes me want to go on vacation.

and i'm totally using that ticket idea. i need to figure out how to make it work for us (we aren't always home depending on work) but my kids are on board already. they said we can call them mommy tickets. ha.

Ashley Webb said...

I LOVE your summer to-do list, and since I'm so close to you now I might just have to copy it word-for-word! (P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog a week ago. We should definitely get together sometime for a playdate. Where exactly are you guys?)