Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{Salt + Sand}

Looking at our calendar for the next couple of months it seems like we will be making a beach trip at least once a week, and I couldn't be more excited.

We love the beach.

Our goal this Summer is go to as many beaches as possible.  As you can see by the pictures my kids are excited about this goal.  Jonas was the only one I could catch up with to take a picture...the girls were off exploring seaweed and shell hunting.
We let the kids take a ziplock bag and fill it with shells they have found.  When we get home we wash them (VERY well - they stink!) and lay they out in the sun to bake the smell out and dry them.  I let the kids pick a few of their very favorite to keep for their shell collections and dispose of the rest.

We also try and find a shell or a rock in the shape of a heart from every beach we go to.  So far we have found one at almost every beach...there have been a few times we forgot.

It seems my kids love of shells runs as deep as mine.  Hunting for shells and sea glass has always been something I've done while at the beach.

I have shell garlands that were made from all the Puka shells I collected while at college in Hawaii.  These garlands are so long my mom uses them on her Christmas trees (which reminds me...I need to get those from her).

  I can't wait to get back to the beach this weekend.  It's a place that I can be all day and be content.  It's one of my top happy places.

Three cheers for the ocean!


mpatterson said...

Hip hip HOORAY!!! We love the beach too:)

Cristy said...

We love the beach too! Sad we probably won't go as much this summer with me so slow. I can't believe how old Jonas looks in these pictures?! When did he stop being a baby?!!

Delcie said...

awwww.... I miss the beach so much! love seeing the pictures and can't wait to see pictures of your collection of heart shells. i just made a collage in a shadow box for the bathroom with all the butterfly shells and whole sand dollars i found in florida.